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Members of Mt. Olive Baptist Church File Lawsuit To Remove Pastor Theodore Baines Sr. Over Alleged Abuses

A predominantly black church in East Houston is filing a lawsuit to make sure their pastor is removed from his position. Pastor Theodore Baines, Sr. is accused of abusing his church members in all sorts of ways. He is also accused of embarrassing his church members by publicly being in involved with devious misconduct.  The 49-year-old minister is accused of making withdrawals from the church’s account for his own use, theft.   This pastor is allegedly accused of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Church members of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church claim their Pastor, Theodore Baines, Sr. is accused of abusing alcohol, threatening his members with fists and revealing a firearm, also he is accused of making lewd remarks to females.   Church members have also accused him embarrassing them by being arrested for waving a pistol while speeding down a freeway and they do not want to deal with it, anymore.   Seventy of them also claim he has been making unauthorized electronic withdrawals from a church account.

We see that these church members have been telling the church, according to abcnews 13, Pastor Baines was arrested on March 11 of last year, 2010.  He was involved in a road rage incident and as you can see in this mugshot, he appears to be guilty.  It is obvious this pastor has a problem and it could end up, deadly.  According to channel 13 abcnews 13, police received a call that a man waved a handgun at motorists while driving along Highway 59 northbound and exited at FM 2218. An officer spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop at a nearby gas station.  Cops say officers located two open bottles of alcohol and two loaded firearms in Baines’ brown Ford F-150.  In response, he lied and said he was just waving his forefinger.  Pastor Baines was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful carry of a firearm.  That’s enough evidence right their to get him out of Mt. Olive Baptist Church and there is no reason for the court to ignore the request of these church members.

The members have filed a temporary restraining order against Baines, to keep him from their church.

The church is a 90 year old church with a small congregation of about 100 members.

Pastor Theodore Baines’ disorderly conduct will not be only judged by the court, but God has been watching him.   Furthermore, it is a horrible thing to think you can be in a position of a pastor and misuse and abuse church members.   We have seen the wrath of God on ministers in the pulpit and we hope he repents before if it everlasting too late, if he is really guilty of these charges.

Photo courtesy: abcnews 13
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photo courtesy: mtolive-baptistchurch.org