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The Brother Of The Late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Edwin Hawkins Twisted Stance on Theology

Sources reveal the late Bishop Walter Hawkins brother, Edwin Hawkins took sides with Love Center’s board of directors opposing his own nephew, Jamie Hawkins, voting him out as being inexperienced to continue as pastor of the church.   It is so sad, Edwin has stooped so low to claim he loves his nephew, but-calls him inexperienced rather than to agree to oppose homosexuality in his late brother’s ministry.   Edwin Hawkins went against his own nephew, calling him inexperienced in ministry, suggesting he should go to theology school.   Edwin has a confused stance on theology and was in error for his suggestion.   It seems to us that Edwin has too much time on his hands, directing the media and making headlines that he attended a meeting in order to save members from leaving the church, instead of agreeing to deliver their souls from sin .   What every one needs to know is this fact, Edwin does not have the right to excuse anyone and suggest theology school, because a pastor or even a bishop maybe just as inexperienced after they have achieved their Doctorate in Divinity, because they disregard God’s rules for mankind.   There are possibly thousands of theologians and ministers who have learned from them who are not educated enough to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, because they will not take a stand against sin and in this case, the board who may have had some sort of theology training believes it is okay to be a homosexual, since they hired back a gay minister Jamie had previously terminated off the board of directors at the Love Center Church.

To be vivid with you, for a long time during Bishop Walter Hawkins life, he became inexperienced when he began a gay affirming ministry.   No man or woman is experienced in ministry whenever they oppose God’s commandments in his Word.  Therefore, Edwin Hawkins who obviously desires to follow Love Center’s board of directors, obviously agrees with homosexuality and does not have the credentials to speak out against his own nephew, Jamie Hawkins who recently ceased his position as pastor of Love Center Church.   One day, the board of directors, including Edwin or any other Hawkins relatives who plan to carry on their gay affirming attitude will have to someday stand before God for continuing on Love Center’s false gospel and gay affirming stance.   One day, each and every person who is following today’s theology that opposes God’s instruction on how a pastor, bishop or even an evangelist should behave while preaching His Word will have to give an account to the destruction they have caused on every human being’s soul who have listened and followed their false doctrine, instead of obeying God.   One day, Jesus Christ will remind them of all of their rebellion and hostility they had when the subject was brought up for Love Center to no longer be a gay affirming ministry.   Remember, each and every theologian who may have a degree can be very ignorant in ministry.   Attending a theology school does not give any leader any right to oppose God’s Word and Edwin Hawkins should acknowledge that fact, after losing his brother who may have given his own son, Jamie instruction to lead a righteous flock and no longer lead the Love Center church into hell.   For when one is on his or her death bed, God brings before them memories of what may have been wrong in their lives and no doubt, the late Bishop Walter Hawkins had time to speak with Jamie and give him instruction on what God desired for his church, to repent and strictly follow God in righteousness and live holy.

According to obnoxioustv, the subject of money and experience was brought up to prove Jamie was not good enough to be the pastor of his father’s church, which is very ignorant.   Money and being experienced is not what God necessarily expects in ministry, He expects acknowledgement of holiness and righteousness.  The Bible is the only education a person needs if she or he desires to lead a congregation, no other book can instruct a person how to be a pastor, bishop or an evangelist.  Therefore, a Doctorate of Divinity will not necessarily get you into heaven.

Allegedly, Edwin no doubt recalls along with Jamie how many young men died back in the 1980’s and 90’s of AIDS and how devastating is was for his brother to conduct funerals and bury members who followed the false doctrine Walter preached, ‘it’s a blessing to be gay.’   Allegedly, it was frightening, very scary and sad to hear the news that was being discussed among church people who may not have attended the church, but lost a relative who belong to the church.   Why can’t Edwin agree with Jamie to clean up his late brother’s ministry and oppose homosexuality, finally in the 21st century?

We applaud and congratulate Pastor Jamie Hawkins for making a stand for Jesus Christ and no doubt, abiding by his late father’s wishes to transform the Love Center Church into a holy ministry, opposing homosexuality.   Jamie Hawkins has angels rejoicing on this issue, because at this time in our country, there needs to be widespread recognition that God’s Word never has changed, regardless of how many people oppose its’ commandments.   From the beginning of time, there has always been rebellion on the issue of homosexuality.  The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah refused to obey God and this is was no myth, these occurrences actually took place in ancient times, they rebelled against God and resented anyone who agreed to obey God to oppose homosexuality (Gen. 19:24–26, Matt. 10:15).   Therefore, the Lord is speaking through the great grandson of the late Bishop E. E. Cleveland to make a change in the churches, even if it means your own family member like Edwin Hawkins goes against your wise decision.   Jamie Hawkins is more experienced than ministers who are on the board of directors who opposed his decision to diminish homosexuality at the Love Center Church.

Mary K. Baxter was taken to hell by Jesus Christ for 30 nights and she witnessed a lake of fire for gays and lesbians among other lakes of fires, especially created for certain sinners. Please take heed and do not rebel.  Humble yourselves in the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Immediately, you must listen and watch her testimony. Immediately, take heed to Mary K. Baxter’s testimony, you  can watch Minister Baxter or listen here).  We even saw clips of Mary K. Baxter’s testimony here on You Tube.

Source and Photo courtesy: obnoxioustv.wordpress.com