Walter Jamie Hawkins Leaves Love Center Church For Righteousness, Amen!!

It was so wonderful to read the news on Obnoxioustv‘s Blog that the son of the late Bishop Walter L. Hawkins did not want to be in his father’s position and continue the Love Center Church as a gay affirming ministry.  Thank God!! Let us say it again, thank God, there is someone in this day and age who is young and standing against homosexuality.   Yes, we will still stand by our prior article that indicated that Jamie was not called to lead the Love Center Church, which has been known for the place to go for black gays and lesbians of the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area for many years.   However, Jamie Hawkins is indeed called to lead a righteous flock, a church he is planning to start, away from friction and those on the board of directors, including his uncle, Edwin Hawkins who allegedly opposes his leadership.

We agree with Obnoxious who allegedly mentioned that the Love Center Church should be burned down to ground, for this very reason, as we have told you before, Love Center has allegedly had a reputation for being a church to draw black gays and lesbians.  All throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, you would see innocent straight people go visit the Love Center Church and then, the next time you would see them, they were turned out, the young cute guys would become effeminate and the feminine women would appear somewhat, well…, you get the idea.   We suppose Jamie had seen enough of that growing up, although he did not have much to do with the ministry of his father’s church, he knew right from wrong, possibly which came from watching his late great grandfather and pastor of Ephesians Church of God in Christ in Berkeley, California, Bishop E. E. Cleveland who was a righteous man did not sugar coat the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let’s just say Jamie must have a lot of Bishop Cleveland in his blood, a man who believes in God’s Word and strictly follows His commandments.

According to Obnoxious TV, Jamie is not wanted by the masses of Love Center, but we have one question. If the late Bishop Walter Hawkins made it right with the Lord before he died, shouldn’t the masses agree with his son who opposes homosexuality?    Not saying he did not, but-all of those folks who were gay should have been delivered and set free at his funeral.   They should have given up the lifestyle of homosexuality, so this is why the church should be burned down (like obnoxioustv suggested) figure of speech, if the church members do not have any respect for the son to lead them into holiness and righteousness.

This is the good news, it was said that Jamie recently made many decisions without the approval of Love Center’s Board of Trustees established by his father during the later part of his illness.  Jamie said that he would do what God said whether the board agreed or not.   Therefore, if Jamie made decisions established by his father’s approval, that should have been enough for the board members to adhere Jamie’s expectancy.   This reveals that Bishop Walter Hawkins made a great attempt through his son to change Love Center around into a place of holiness.   However, the board members who are no doubt hypocrites are refusing to humbly obey, the late Bishop Walter Hawkins voice, which has been spoken through his son.

According to obnoxioustv, a letter was sent to him by a member of Love Center church claiming that Jamie lied.  Okay, first of all, lied about what?   Why would he have to lie about anything, if he is in charge?   Is this how they respect the memory of his father, the late Bishop Walter Hawkins? Then, the person goes on to say Jamie told his Aunt Lynette (Hawkins Stephens) that she would be the minister of music when her brother died. Then, the person claimed that the truth is, he sent her an email telling her she was terminated!! This came out in a meeting when the email was placed on the praise & worship screens and read out loud to the church.  Then, he replied that he did not fire her.  Secondly, the person had the audacity to bring up the subject of theology, all because Jamie questioned a minister who had been employed by the church over thirty years who was an openly gay man.  Then, this person mentions he had a meeting with all of the ministers and questioned McFarland’s sexuality and of course, he responded that he was gay, which is no surprise since Love Center has allegedly had a reputation as a gay ministry, but-Jamie was changing things at the Love Center Church, disapproving homosexuality, which was most likely discussed before his father died.  Then, the individual goes onto to say that the messy church members were mad at Jamie when they heard about him confronting McFarland before the board.  Then, this person claims McFarland was so hurt he did not accept his position back, although it was offered back to him, after a meeting.  McFarland left the church, taking his lover with him.   Oh well!! That’s how it was suppose to be, things must change when one is put in charge and disagrees with the usual way of doing things and obviously, Jamie opposed homosexuality according to the Word of God.  So, what does theology have to do with anything, if it is not in line with God’s commandments???  Then-this person complains that Jamie wants to stop the gayness when he became pastor, firing someone by the name of Rutsy Watson, Pastor McFarland and Sandie.  Then, it was mentioned in the letter that Jamie’s father changed the policies that was not suppose to allow Jamie to make decision, except with the Board of Trustees approval.  Again, things changed when Jamie became pastor;therefore, the entire board should have just resigned, because you have no say when a new CEO takes his or her position and disagrees what may have been destroying the operation of the church for too long.

According to obnoxioustv, Jamie said that he would do what God said whether the board agreed or not, which makes God so happy.

Then, we were shocked Edwin Hawkins, Jamie’s uncle had anything to say about Jamie’s decisions since the attendance was going down.  He had the audacity to have a meeting at an Oakland hall, making an indication that his nephew was inexperienced and needed to go to theological school and Edwin along with others desired for him to be put in school, if he was going to continue to pastor.   First of all, Edwin should not be saying anything.  He should be fasting and praying, especially after losing his brother.   Edwin is wrong, because he himself is not called to preach and any smart person would know that when you are truly called into ministry, you do not need to attend any seminary, you just need to be anointed and Jamie was not be called to lead his father’s church, but a righteous church.  Isn’t Edwin acting out just like a lot of black folks when someone dies and does not leave them anything? In this case Edwin did not get to be in his brother’s position, so he now seems happy that the odds are against his nephew, Jamie.

The sad part about all of this is, the late Bishop Walter Hawkins was never called to pastor a gay ministry in the first place, he did that on his on terms like a lot of ministries today that are being led by the majority who oppose the scripture that says:

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”
  • Leviticus 18:22 – “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.”
  • Leviticus 20:13 – “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.


For Edwin to say Jamie is not pastor material is really disrespectful not only to Jamie and his father, but to God Almighty who desires for Love Center to be transformed into a ministry of holiness and righteousness, according to His commandments, not according to the board of trustees who are not appointed nor anointed to lead the ministry of the Love Center Church, and that includes Edwin.  It is time for a change, if God says so, not for paychecks to be passed out to board members who disagree with God’s Word.

It has been said that Jamie will be continuing on his ministry, with fewer members of Love Center who will meet him at his late Aunt’s restaurant in Berkeley, Lois the Pie Queen.  At least these faithful few will not be followers of church that condones homosexuality and the sinful legacy of the Love Center Church, but they will be members of a church that is upholding righteousness under the son of the late Bishop Walter Hawkins.  We pray that Jamie and Sunny be strong and continue to grow a ministry in favor of God’s vision, not according to mankind.

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