Harold Camping a ‘No Show’ to Give Explanation for False Rapture Prediction

Harold Camping a ‘No Show’ to Give Explanation for False Rapture Prediction

False predictor, Harold Camping of Judgement Day for May 21, 2011, did not show up to work at 5p.m. PST. Camping was to face the music about his false prediction of the Lord’s Judgement Day at his Oakland, California based radio station, “Family Radio”.

News reporters visited Harold Camping’s home in Alameda, Ca. and he stated: “I will be putting out a message in our broadcast,” which he stated it would occur on Monday. Reports said Camping was “bewildered” and “mystified” over the ruptured “rapture” many call it.

Around 2 p.m. PST, Family Radio’s international projects manager Matt Tuter is on edge and down right disturbed by Harold Camping’s no show to the station Monday morning but expected he would show for 5:30 for a taping and airing of his explanation for the failed Judgement Day prediction.

Tuter told Christian Post that Camping made a “mess” of the situation. He says Family Radio Board of Directors are not putting pressure on Camping to take responsibility. He also said that the Board of Directors did nothing since Thursday last week to stop or control the financial damage of his prediction. Tuter did not believe in Harold Camping’s prediction.

If the rapture had occurred, Harold Camping predicted: “that only about 200 million people on Earth would be saved in the “Rapture,” which would be followed Oct. 21 by a fireball that would consume the planet and the billions left behind,” news reports stated.

When questioned at his front door at home, Harold Camping stated: “I’m looking for answers.”