Jealous Minneapolis Pastor Derrick Griffin Murders Estranged Wife’s Alleged Lover

Kristopher Miller Murdered by Pastor Derrick Trevor Griffin of True Vine Missionary Baptist Church for seein his estranged wife, Kim Griffin

Jealous Minneapolis Pastor Derrick Griffin Murders Estranged Wife’s Alleged Lover

On Monday, a Minneapolis pastor is accused of killing a popular staff member at Minneapolis North High School. Pastor Derrick Trevor Griffin, 40, intentionally killed Kristopher Miller, 28 on May 10 and charged with second degree murder. Griffin, was an associate minister at True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, was arrested the day after the killing.

Allegedly, Pastor Derrick Griffin sat in his car and watched his estranged wife  that night as she was accompanied by Miller and a group others into a restaurant in North Minneapolis. When Miller said his good-byes to Griffin’s wife Kim and went his way, he was allegedly gunned down. Kristopher Miller’s body was found by his mother in front of his apartment building. Miller had two children and a staff supporter at MN North High School.

Attorneys contend to get a grand jury to seek first degree murder charges as they say it was premeditated. An attorney stated: “Mr. Griffin’s estranged wife had a relationship with the victim,” Freeman said. “He had been stalking her, and he killed the man she was seeing.”

Griffin’s estranged wife Kim was with Miller’s sister and her boyfriend that night and told the police afterwards that Kim saw her ex-husband in his White Cadillac and stated to them: “There is my ex-husband stalking me again.”

The woman told police that she is still married to Griffin, although they are separated. They had argued over text messages she’d received that he interpreted as proof of an affair.

Star Tribune gave this info about how they found Pastor Griffin whose out on $1 million dollar bail:

According to the complaint, a search of the Cadillac and a home occupied by a woman described as Griffin’s girlfriend eventually recovered multiple handguns. A shell casing from a .38-caliber handgun matched a live round pulled from Miller’s body in an autopsy. Police also recovered a tape-recorded jail conversation between Griffin and his estranged wife in which he told her not to talk to police and to “do like the attorney told you.”

This is really a shame. We just don’t understand how a man of God can take his focus off God and only on the deterioration of his marriage that ultimately takes the life of another man. What ever happened to going to the elders of the church and trying to work it out with your wife? If it is not possible, he and everyone else will have to move on. God would be more pleased if he had not allowed jealousy to overshadow his good judgement.

We will pray for Pastor Griffin, the victims and all involved.


Minister Faces Murder Charge in Love Triangle Death: