Plus Sized Supermodel and Actress Mia Amber Davis Mysteriously Dies at Age 36

Supermodel Mia Amber Davis Dies- AT2W- Photo courtesy of google

Plus Sized Supermodel Mia Amber Davis Mysteriously Dies at Age 36

News reports indicate plus sized supermodel Mia Amber Davis has died on Tuesday of an alleged routine surgery for her knee sources say. Davis’ husband comedian Michael Yard told reporters that she went into surgery on Monday to correct an old basketball injury on her knee.

He stated he spoke to her on Tuesday and that Mia Amber Davis complained of dizziness. Sources say hours later her husband received a call from Mia’s cousins to inform him she had died.

Husband Yard wants to know what happened to his wife and why she died. No reports of the cause of death have been released at this time.

Mia Amber Davis was the editor-at-large of the Plus Model Magazine. She was considered one of the most successful plus sized models in the industry. She is known as one of the faces of Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Just My Size and others.

“Modeling was her work, but it was her mission to encourage plus size women everywhere to be happy and healthy at their size.” from FoxNews 411 blog.

We pray for her family that they find peace in this difficult time.