COGIC’s First Lady Talks Loving Marriage While Sex Scandals Corrupt Organization

First Lady Mae Blake and Bishop Blake- AT2W- emmanuel

COGIC’s First Lady Talks Loving Marriage While Sex Scandals Corrupt Organization

We just received word of an interview of the presiding Bishop Charles Blake’s wife First Lady Mae Blake. She interviewed with eMotions Magazine which is owned by Bishop TD Jakes. Mae Blake was interviewed by Jakes’ wife First Lady Serita Jakes.

Blake entertains the readers and  interviewer with her reminiscent memories of how her husband Bishop Charles Blake has been the perfect gentlemen all these years while they have been married.


“Bishop and I have always had, and still have,  a wonderful marriage. He has always been gracious, kind and attentive. He still opens car doors, and pulls out chairs for me. He treats me like a queen, and I respect and honor him.”

“When Bishop Blake is in town, each morning we have breakfast and ride to work together. This is always a special time of togetherness for us because he travels so extensively.”
Now this is all very beautiful for a couple to have such love and admiration for each other in their golden years. Its what we all want for ourselves at that age. One thing that bothered us is while Bishop Blake is able to treat his wife like a queen, the COGIC organization is riddled with multiple sex scandals and mayhem. While the bishop at the top of a 7- million member organization worth nearly billions of dollars is playing the ‘sweetheart husband’ and a role model for his family, other families are being destroyed by his sexually craved pastors and members of COGIC.
This is disturbing to us because countless men, women and children have been preyed on by many COGIC members and its a shame that the family at the top is living a so called ‘loving and beautiful’ life while tons of money is flowing in and out of their bank accounts.
We are not sure how any of them can sleep at night or look in the mirror everyday knowing that people have been abused under their watch.
As Judge Hatchett used to say: “There will be hell to pay”.