Joyce Meyer Ministries Blamed for Murder of Sheri Coleman and Sons with Lawsuit

Murdered Sheri Coleman and her sons- AT2W- Photo courtesy of

Joyce Meyer Ministries Blamed for Murder of Sheri Coleman and Sons with Lawsuit

While the case against Christopher Coleman is in the hands of a jury in deliberations, the family of his murdered wife and two sons have filed a suit against Joyce Meyer Ministries for not preventing the crime. Angela DeCicco, the mother of Sheri Coleman has refiled a suit against televangelist Joyce Meyer in Waterloo, Illinois on Wednesday. reported: The court papers were filed in ‘Monroe County Circuit Court, alleges Joyce Meyer Ministries failed to recognize its security chief, Christopher Coleman, was a threat to his 31-year-old wife and sons. It claims Coleman was sending threats to his family from employer-issued computer and cell phone.’

The wrongful death lawsuit is seeking $20 million dollars in damages against Joyce Meyer and her ministry. The suit alleges Meyer should have made steps to protect Sheri and her sons when Christopher Coleman wrote mysterious messages against his own family. The suit also names five counts including Meyer and her son Dan Meyer with claims that Joyce Meyer had ‘special duty’ to counsel and warn the family. 

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  1. maryann says:

    You mean to tell me that every evangelical is supposed to know everything that is going on? And with everyone? Joel Osteen was robbed, and he probably trusted the person. You also mean to tell me that GOD is supposed to reveal criminal acts to every evangelical preacher, teacher or instructor? This is a case of how can I get money from X person that seems to have money and strip them of their good name and ruin them. I’m sorry even in the best of situations, people do bad things. Look at the case of that crazy couple that slipped into the white house, that WAS NOT invited. Take your loss and sorrow to the lord and have him intervene and stop this nonsense of greed. The family member did it not Joyce and her team.

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