Pastor Joyce Meyer’s Deposition Played in Triple Murder Trial of Ex- Bodyguard

Joyce Meyer Deposition Played in Court- AT2W- Phot courtesy of

Pastor Joyce Meyer’s Deposition Played in Triple Murder Trial of Ex- Bodyguard

Last week, the deposition that Joyce Meyer and her son Danny Meyer recorded for the court and jury last month was played for them to review. This being the end of the first week of Christopher Coleman’s triple murder trial, Joyce Meyer’s pre-recorded testimony (deposition) provided the court with some interesting statements. Christopher Coleman murdered his wife and two sons to be with his wife’s school friend Tara Lintz. Coleman was the head security for Joyce Meyer Ministries and for personal bodyguard for Meyer.

A ministry human resources director took the stand and read out loud the divorce policy. The policy read as follows:

“If somebody is divorced since being born-again you need to ask why. Who left who? What are the morals of the situation?”

Joyce Meyer’s attorney tried to explain that the policy leans more towards the morals than the divorce per say:

“Joyce has said it depends on the facts and circumstances. But, engaging in an extra marital affair without some repentance would certainly be grounds for termination.”

Pastor Joyce Meyer voice was heard played by audio for the jury stating she called the police two days after the murders took place and that she needed to tell them something. She stated: “Coleman was not himself, not attentive, not as engaged. ”

She also said in her deposition that Christopher Coleman had called in sick the day before the murders and that he had never called in sick in the eleven years he worked for her. Attorneys cross examined her and asked if she really knew that for a fact or that he may have called in before to someone else. Meyers recanted and stated she was not sure but to her knowledge he was working everyday he was scheduled.

Meyer’s son Danny Meyer also stated in that Coleman told him he was having marriage issues and that he saw Coleman’s cell phone records. The calls showed alot to a woman in Florida who happened to the woman he was having an affair with- Tara Lintz.

In the video below you will find that Joyce Meyer stated that there was nothing wrong with being divorced and it is not the problem but the morals behind it are the issue. Well, they even mentioned many of her employees are divorced including herself.

Well there truly must be something not being taught in her ministry if so many of her employees, as she stated, are divorced. What could possibly be missing in her teaching that her flock and those that work for her can’t keep their marriages together? As far as we know, she’s still married to her 2nd husband.