New California Bill Will Mandate Schools Teach Gay History

New California Bill Will Mandate Schools Teach Gay History

Well, we can thank President Obama for this one as well. Since he’s up for supporting the gay community at any cost for the 2012 votes, we have another attempt to throw the gay lifestyle down our throats once again.

If this bill goes through, California “public schools must include in social studies lessons under a landmark bill passed Thursday by the California Senate,” says Apparently, California will be the first state to require the teaching of gay history in the United States.

The legislation was passed on a 23-14 party line vote as Democratic Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco.

This bill not only mandates the teaching of gay history but starting the 2013-2014 school year, it prohibits  CA Board of Education from using textbooks that speak adversely against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender groups.

“Supporters say the move is needed to counter anti-gay stereotypes and beliefs that make children in those groups vulnerable to bullying and suicide. Opponents counter that such instruction would further burden an already crowded curriculum and expose students to a subject that some parents find objectionable.”

As you can see, this is just another one of Satan’s traps to entangle our youth into making gay lifestyles a norm in life. While supporters use the convenience of young gay youth suicides as a vehicle to push yet another agenda, opponents are only thinking it is a burden that would add to the overwhelmed curriculum. Opponents need to be preachers and people of God standing in the trenches fighting against our children being made gay before they even undertand what the word means.

It’s time to stand up people of God. Stop letting Congress dictate how you want your children to be raised. Oh and BTW, this bill nor any other won’t shut our mouths about speaking the truth.