Bishop Walter Thomas in the Big Leagues Now- Will It Be Corporate or Churchy?

Bishop Walter Thomas in the Big Leagues Now – Will It Be Corporate or Churchy?

One of our readers sent us word that Bishop Walter Thomas of New Psalmist Baptist Church of Baltimore, MD. had Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on his itinerary for March 16 this year. Apparently he was in attendance to participate at New Birth’s Focus 2011.

According to the description given on the presentation of the event on Youtube Focus 2011 is:

FOCUS is a powerful leadership conference for pastors and faith leaders that is hosted by Bishop Eddie Long. It is held at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church located in metro Atlanta. FOCUS 2011 speakers included Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop D.A. Lazarus, Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, Dr. Sam Chand, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Angela Manning and others.

We were pretty surprised that Bishop Walter Thomas would associate with Bishop Long or the other ‘big shot’ prosperity preachers. We know that he has been humble and on fire for God. We realize he has built a multi-million dollar new church building recently but why is it that when pastors build and move into a bigger building or open multiple locations, they have to ‘hang’ with the big time preachers? (And Bishop Long is not a person to be associating with). We have watched some of his services recently in the new building and so far it doesn’t seem to have gone out of whack.

Unfortunately, we saw this happen to Bishop James Meeks of Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. Bishop Meeks was militant and a firey preacher in the windy city. With his close ties to Jesse Jackson, he found himself running and winning a seat on the Illinois Senate. We literally watched Bishop Meek’s church along with his demeanor turn from a ‘churchy God filled sanctuary’ to a larger than life corporate runned ‘trying to be churchy with all this money now’ attitude. Some of our journalists here at AT2W couldn’t stand to watch his services because the money had diluted the spirit of God in that place. (Our opinion).

Its almost like they are now officially a part of a larger league. Usually when church pastors move from just a church to a corporate run organization, the very services that sanctified the souls of the members, is now:

1. Chopped up into 1 hour and a  1/2 to 2 hour services with an addition to more services added on Sundays

2. Organized into a corporate plan to stick to a strict schedule

3) Choir songs are now watered down to fit the liking of a ‘universal audience’

4) A praise team is adopted with the new age ‘la la’ singing without the presence of the anointing

5) The ministry focuses more on the youth and hip hop integration into the music and programs

6) Mostly, the service is now a social event where it is a high ticket cost for those to sit and ‘praise God’

And forms of entertainment that have nothing to do with ‘the church’ like:

1) African inspired dancers flinging colorful garments in front of the church

2) Oh and let’s not forget the mime characters in white face and silent voices. Why did the church start this one, we’ll never know?

Now, Bishop Thomas is celebrating 36 years in ministry this year. We surely hope all of years of serving the Lord in his community and around the world, does not transform into quenching the holy spirit in the house of God. We are just so concerned that all the accolades, success and money doesn’t reshape the focus of being in ministry- which is to humbly save souls without compensation.