COGIC’s Need for Reformation and Repentance on the Corporate Level

COGIC’s Need for Reformation and Repentance on the Corporate Level

We just wrote about how COGIC’s COO Elder James Smith allegedly distributed a letter requesting their legal counsel, Judge Enoch Perry III. The alleged letter that Elder Smith now can’t admit nor deny if he wrote it or not with his letter block on it, revealed more about COGIC’s cover up and pay offs than we could have imagined.

We hear at AT2W are floored by how this religious organization and their gall for sinful natures and allowing them to carry on in the name of Jesus. Yes, we said, ‘in the name of Jesus’ because it is absolutely outrageous how bishops and pastors can engage in sexual sin within their church homes and never received much reprimand for it. Now, we don’t know what if any reprimand was put into place with any of the pastors of COGIC that were accused and/or prosecuted, but one thing is for sure; many have continued to pastor their churches and others have had the organization pay the victims off.

Its truly a shame that the modern day church is more interested in sexual encounters with women, men, boys and girls of all ages, than spreading the word of God and saving souls. The church in many ways has become a playhouse for sexual desires of all kinds with no regard for what the ‘temple’ stands for in which they do their ‘devil-ment’, so to speak.

We just want to know why COGIC and many other organizations are comfortable victimizing members of their congregations and then paying them off? Is it ok to use the power of the pastor to do whatever they want and move on to others? What ever happened to coming to church to get saved and renewing a relationship with Jesus Christ? We wonder if many church goers are really getting saved in churches that cover up sins with the pastor and his flock?

There is a serious need for reformation on the corporate level of the Church of God in Christ organization. Since the church and its higher ups are corporate, the holiness in which this organization was founded, has left those standards and morals by the wayside. The funneling of money from each church under COGIC seems to be the most important issue but repentance is in order and in a hurry. God is not pleased with the disregard and mishandling of his kingdom while the bishop at the top continues to cover up dirt that is looking pretty filthy right about now.

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