Allegedly, The Gay Affirming Black Church Is Helping Decrease The Black Population

You do not have to be so educated to keep up with the statistics. If you have lived over 30 years, you will realize the black population has extremely decreased over the years, not just because of blacks taking the lives of each other, but also because of AIDS, heart disease, abortion and over the past five years, lack of fertility between black men and black women.  Allegedly, the gay affirming black church that has a false doctrine to encourage same sex relations is putting African Americans at risk to minimize the population more than ever before.  If you will take a look at the 2010 census of black Americans, then you will see that real soon we will decrease like the Asian population.  Take a look at the 2010 census of black Americans at this website, The Root.  Therefore, the less African Americans that exist within America, the less power the will have among them, for years to come.

The gay affirming black church is indoctrinating the youth.  Our young people within the black community do not need to adhere the false gospel of today that says it is okay to be gay or lesbian.  What they need to know is, how important it is to appreciate their relationships with the opposite sex of the same race.   The gay affirming black church does not care about what the entire race may come up against when African Americans become the smallest percentage in the United States, they are only concerned about dominating the race to yield to the concerns of white gay and lesbian community in America.   The gay affirming black church has become the modern day slave of the “white” homosexual community.

If you will study spiritual causes of the today’s problems, you will realize that there is a Satanic force meant to destroy the black community, even if it comes through the black church.   At first, it was through drugs, gang violence, abortion, now it seems Satan has strategically controlled the gay affirming black church to destroy the generations of African Americans and it is starting from very young ages.   The Devil knows that the gay affirming church is gullible and is always to be recognized by the white gay community, so they have been a candidate to preach it is okay to be a homosexual and turn your attraction away from black women, the one who gave you birth and the black man, the one who was suppose to be the strength for the black woman from the beginning of the universe.  When can you recall black children of the same sex knowing about homosexuality, years before 2000? It was unheard of and black children who grew up being attracted to each other were not ashamed to get married and bare children who look like them.  Satan is real, just like God is real and Satan’s strategy is to make black people slaves to white America by any means necessary.  Satan found a way to enslave black people and make them a lower percentage of population in the 21st century.   All the devil needed was for so many African Americans to yes to his will and no to God’s will, this was the planned destruction from the depths of hell.

So, whenever you hear of abortion being the main cause of decreasing the population among African Americans, think again, abortion has a sister and it is same sex relations.