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Video: Bishop Alfred Owens Not Bothered By Disappointed Gay Couple Who Visited Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church

We salute Bishop Alfred Owens of Mount Calvary Holy Church who mentioned he is not bothered about all the negative remarks, regarding this gay couple who left his church offended by his righteous sermon against homosexuality, saying they would not return.   The reason why we salute Bishop Alfred Owens, is because there are not many men and women who claim to be called by God who preach against homosexuality these days, instead, in order to keep tithes and offerings, they pamper the gay, lesbian and trangender community by leaving the issue, alone.  We must say this man is surely called by God, because he is in the state capitol of Washington D. C., a place where we have the first black man, Barack Obama as the President of the United States who is passing laws in favor of same sex marriage, he nor his wife, Co-Pastor Susie Owens is afraid to stand up for righteousness.

Back in the days when there was less diversity in this country, African Americans had to think about always defending themselves against white supremacists, but nowadays, there are a lot of disrespectful black people who oppose the Word of God and will publicly insult ministers of the gospel who denounce sin, because they only want to satisfy their flesh instead of following God’s commandments.   Homosexuality is empowered from the depths of hell by Satan and this reveals why many black people who are not righteous are controlled by the devil and his demons and try to make what is right, wrong and what is wrong, right.

Bishop Alfred Owens and his wife, Co-Pastor Susie Owens have been preaching against homosexuality for years and it does not look like they are moved by many black gays and lesbians who try to enslave those who do not agree with homosexuality.  You may ask how are they enslaving people?   By trying to keep ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ from preaching against homosexuality, which the Bible says is a sin. At Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church where Bishop Alfred Owens is the pastor, he has the right to preach against homosexuality or any other sins and if visitors do not like it, they can just go to a church where it is gay affirming and their demons will be pacified; therefore, this gay couple or any other homosexual cannot expect for a righteous church leader to agree with their lifestyle, because they suddenly entered the church, it does not work that way.

We of AToast2Wealth.com salute Bishop Alfred Owens and his wife, Co-Pastor Susie Owens, because there are very few men and women who preach God’s Word are afraid to tell the truth.  This is the sort of man or woman of God, God is expecting to be in the position as a minister, not those who are just looking to be liked and scared of losing tithes and offerings.

We have also told you that a woman of God by the name of Mary K. Baxter who went on a tour to hell for thirty nights (and heaven for ten nights) with Jesus Christ.  Minister Baxter saw ministers in hell for not preaching righteous and doing all sorts of other things displeasing in the sight of God. Mary K. Baxter’s testimony is not just for sinners, she also saw ministers burning in hell. Please take heed and do not rebel. Here’s Mary K. Baxter’s testimony. You  can watch the video or listen here).  We even clips of Mary K. Baxter’s testimony here on You Tube.

On this video, entitled, “Unusual Stress”, Bishop Alfred Owens responds to this gay couple who spoke out on the internet against his ministry, which opposes homosexuality.  Before Bishop Owens responds to this gay couple, he makes a point to explain what stress we should not be putting up with and one of these types of stresses is gay or lesbian stress, which many people put themselves into, because they have no business in that sort of relationship, besides shacking up in a relationship.   In other-wards, do not bring it to Bishop Owens when you have a problem in a lifestyle, God told you was wrong from the beginning.  Watch it and be blessed.

Update: If by chance, you cannot see the video just go here to view Bishop Owens message, ‘Unusual Stress’. God bless you.
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