Sisters on the Down Low Exist Just Like Brothers on the Down Low

Some years ago, an author by the name of J. L. King told the truth about “Brothers on the Down Low” in his book, “On The Down Low”, because he got tired of witnessing men pretending to be straight while hurting women and in many cases infecting them with the AIDS virus, but the truth is, many times, these women who love to sleep with these men who have an discreet unnatural affection for men and most time a discreet effeminate side are the ones who have discreet affairs with women. These particular women who are fascinated with Brothers on the Down Low are most likely sisters on the down low, because their attraction with delicate men really intensifies their discreet lust for women. Whenever you find a woman who is married to a man or has a boyfriend who acts and appears gay, then they are the ones who really desire to be with the same sex, a woman.  These particular women are the ones who pretend to hate lesbians in public. The reason why women on the down low are not discussed much like men on the down low is because for many centuries, women have took the position as the victim, because they are suppose to be the delicate ones when in fact, they are kinky and their hearts are full of burning lust, which is displeasing in the eyes of God.

One of our journalists decided to do a series on Patti Labelle kissing another woman on the lips while denying her same sex attraction to women, we approved it.  The reason why we approved it, is because  it is only fair and we must bring the matter in public, which is part of the root of problematic relationships in the church and the black community.   If it were a man kissing another man on the lips, then many women would instantly say he was gay.  Therefore, here at AT2W, we are not bias, we feel any woman is a lesbian who kisses women on the lips and like Labelle, attends LBGT (gay, lesbian and transgender (event) and even admits she is pro gay; it is what it is, homosexuality.   Any woman who will kiss a woman on the lips, lay with her naked in the same bed or even will embrace her when no one is looking while claiming to be straight is a down low woman.

Just like brothers on the down low, sisters who are secretly attracted to women will always talk bad about honest lesbians by humiliating them and they are your neighbors, wives, mothers, grandmothers, you know, the type of women who appear and seem to be straight.   Sisters on the down low need to be exposed, because these type of women are living a lie and they only desire for their husband or boyfriend’s scandal to come out, so they can act innocent, never being identified with same sex pleasures.   In order to heal the black community and the holy church, both genders should be honest and here at AT2W, we are going to tell you many times, husbands have caught their wives or girlfriends in bed with a woman and sometimes orgies.

If brothers on the down low are the blame for infecting black women with AIDS, according to statistics, then shouldn’t sisters on the down low be just as responsible? There has been an alleged claim that revealed that when it has been said women could not infect women with AIDS, it has been the opposite, they can spread the virus just like men, allegedly mentioned by an anonymous source.  Now, of course, we cannot prove this anonymous source, but we feel it could be a possible fact. Therefore, throughout the years, AIDS may could have done just as much damage among women having oral sex with women just as much as men transferring the virus through sexual intercourse.  However, the worst sort of virus anyone can catch is lust, because lust can lead to eternal damnation, which is hell.   Lust just isn’t lethal within the body of Christ, destroying families and relationships.  Equally, women must be responsible for tricking those in a relationship with them similar to men who have secret passions for the same sex, because severe pain inside of a man is no less than damaged emotions of a woman.   Therefore, if men and women who are truly righteous desire for men and women of God to return to natural affection, then both parties must be honest and admit that sisters on the down low have been doing wrong for years.   We cannot imagine what it was like for a husband to come home from a hard days work and find his wife in bed with another woman.   We cannot imagine what it was like for a man of God who preaches to his flock every Sunday to be surprised by finding the first lady of his church, the woman he chose to be an example before the women in his church to be discovered in bed with another woman.   We cannot imagine what it was like for mothers, possibly of several children to be discovered by her children in bed with another woman while their father was not home.   Tell us, what right do women have to hide their dirt and act as though she is a victim, if it was her husband who was caught having an affair with a man?

The truth is,  for many years, women who act as though they are weaker than the man are the ones who can offend much worse than a man, because of their secret attractions for women.  Many times, these women attend church, faithfully and they pretend to have clean spirits, but folks, the truth is, these specific women are the ones who are partly responsible for destroying a wholesome family.  So yes, without a doubt, sisters on the down low have gotten their thrills while pretending to be straight in the presence of their family, husband, children and most of all, in the presence of God.   Sisters on the down low do exist.