Is Pastor Jamal Bryant Trying to Join the Homosexual Revolution Endorsed by Obama?

For so long, we tried to refrain from speaking out about Pastor Jamal Bryant possibly being a closeted homosexual, allegedly.  Now, we must reveal what we truly think about his character, which is not appropriate for the Kingdom of God.   If you will catch this homepage on his website in time, you will see for yourself that this photo represents the color pink, which is a color for ladies, not real men.  We heard from a social scientist who has visited London that supposedly baby blue is for women and pink is for men, but Pastor Jamal Bryant knows he is born an American citizen  and within this country and pink is not acceptable for men, fashion designers may say otherwise.  But the important question is, what does God say about men wearing pink, especially in an era that is ruled by an American President (Barack Obama) who endorses the gay and lesbian community and same sex marriages?

We think God would desire for women to be more ladylike and men to be more like gentlemen, not blending in with this era of the homosexual revolution of same-sex marriages.   It is not just the pink that concerns us, it is the flowery blouses Pastor Jamal Bryant flaunts.  Even on K. C. and JoJo’s reality show on TVOne, we have seen him wear these delicate blouses that appear as though they were made for women.  Now, we see him boldly wearing pink along with a pink theme on his website, it looks very feminine, not masculine, at all.

Now, we tried not to pay any attention to hearsay, but we overheard from a past anonymous  internet personality that they were sent a letter from an anonymous male that admitted he as sexually involved with Pastor Jamal Bryant before he married, allegedly.   We figured it could be true since everyone has a past; however, his effeminate fashion styles seem to fit the alleged accusation of Pastor Bryant breaking up with this male who was looking forward to being his lifelong partner, until Bryant’s father gave him the opportunity to pastor his very own church.   Now, we do not know how true this source is, this was something that leaked through the internet.

Our inquisitive question is this, is Pastor Bryant now in favor of homosexuality since President Barack Obama has now endorsed same-sex marriages?  Is this new website a clear sign of his agreement with something he had previously preached against? Like Bishop Eddie Long, Bryant’s mentor, Pastor Bryant always use to lash out on homosexuals, except his opposition was against masculine lesbians in his church, but not much discrimination against gay men for some reason.  He must be fair and honest not just to those who tune into listen to his sermons, but to God Almighty.   It is necessary for Pastor Jamal Bryant to reveal his true identity, but only if it is so.

Also, Pastor Jamal Bryant’s website reveals this membership program for what he calls Victorious Secrets, which is going to charge a fee for a webinar that is suppose to teach children of God how to be victorious.  Why does he have to identify with Victoria Secrets, a lingerie company, to make sales and even go so far to wear pink?  We know this concerns Jesus Christ, because he told us to be different from the world and Pastor Bryant is now revealing his ministry according to this modern world that endorses homosexuality.



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2 Responses to “Is Pastor Jamal Bryant Trying to Join the Homosexual Revolution Endorsed by Obama?”

  1. Rodger Smith says:

    Let me get this right, you’re trying to say that if a man is wearing pink that he is exhibiting closeted or outward signs of being a homosexual really? With all due respect that notion seems a bit backward, I mean if you wear say lavender what does that mean? I’m well aware that homosexuality is against God’s Law and I respect and adhere to His Word but where in the Bible does color come into play?

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    In today’s society, any men who wear ALL pink, there is a no problem. We didn’t say just a shirt or tie, but all pink suit. The theme for his conference was totally pink and it doesn’t show much masculinity that’s for sure. Also, the ‘notion’ is not backwards but if a pastor has to use a female product as an idea for a theme as a male, anyone could tell there is an issue. Clearly, that is evident. Thanks for commenting!

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