Rihanna and Eminem Show Respects to Illuminati at Grammy Awards

Rihanna and Eminem Show Respects to Illuminati at Grammy Awards

We are never surprised at what Hollywood stars find themselves doing on stage anymore. When years ago, the Grammy Awards used to be a distinguished event with respectful performances, even the producers of the show allow anything on their stages. Now that the Grammy Awards are no long prestigious and classy, it stands next to the MTV Awards fiasco.

We don’t particularly watch many award shows due to the idolatry of the artists and the music industry, but we were forwarded this video clip of the performance of Eminem featuring Rihanna in his song, “Love The Way You Lie”. In the performance you have Rihanna kicking off the song in a black and colorful paper mache style dress. As she sings her part, the background becomes visible with large striking fire and flames behind her on the stage behind her. The flames are roaring so to speak and everyone there seems to be enjoying the so called creative entertainment.

It doesn’t surprise us that people really do not think about what the meaning of all the fire is for. For those who are part of  the Illuminati or devil worshipers, like Rihanna (see here), the fire represents hell which is pretty obvious. Though many do not want to believe that their favorite entertainers are Satan worshipers, it is true. These entertainers are not super duper rich because their so talented and cute. There’s a submission to another god that grants them fame and fortune if they only…. Well, you know the rest. (Here’s more proof) Those who have taken the oath, must sacrifice lives and show respect to the Illuminati by the showing of hand signs, gestures or symbolism in music, videos or performances.

This is what Rihanna and Eminem have chosen to do in this performance. If you really think about it, what is the fire all about? Why would they need it? Its only for one reason: to give honor to their god, Satan. The disturbing part of it all is the producers of the Grammy’s and the like allow these types of rituals to go on on the stages of award shows.

We’ve got to wake up and recognize what performers, producers and the like are showing us. We can’t allow them to make us think this is ok because it goes against everything God stands for.

To see the performance, go HERE

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