AToast2Wealth Exclusive Interview with Mary Harvey on Empowering Women

AToast2Wealth Exclusive Interview with Mary Harvey on Empowering Women

Its been a bit quiet since Mary Harvey did her round of interviews last week exposing things about Steve Harvey only a wife could tell. Well, if you have read or heard just one of her interviews, you’d know she’s not a force to be reckoned with. When she released her popular Youtube videos, we all found out what she has been through since her divorce from Steve Harvey. She’s not finished revealing the pain shes endured in the past five years. Just when you thought the smoke has cleared, Mary Harvey has graciously granted an interview. This time she reveals why Steve Harvey uses lawsuits to legally bully her, how she and her son Wynton have been victimized, how Steve’s current wife Marjorie is enjoying the fruits of her labor and a message to women to be empowered.

If you want to read one of the most revealing and intimate interviews, we believe, Mary Harvey has done since the release of her YouTube videos, then this is the one that will not only empower every woman that reads it, but teach every woman to be virtuous and every man to respect God’s gift of family. Interviews Mary Harvey

AT2W: Greetings, Mary Harvey! We want to thank you for sharing your time and your story with us today. How have you been since you have had to face Steve Harvey in court this week?

Mary Harvey: I did not receive any subpoenas or paperwork about the court hearing, therefore I was not present.

AT2W: Tell us, what was the purpose of this judgment that was filed against you by him?

Mary Harvey: Since I did not receive any subpoenas and I was not present, I am really not sure what the judgment was about. To date, I have no lawsuits or judgments against Steve or Marjorie Harvey. This is only reflective of the legal bullying that has been consistent since the divorce.

AT2W: Why do you think he is doing this? Is it possibly because of his personal guilt?

Mary Harvey: I believe Steve is determined not to face nor address my initial frustrations.

A.) He’s consistently interfered with my relationship with my son Wynton. To date, he and Marjorie have done nothing but isolate Wynton and me.  He has also contributed to the strained relationship between Wynton and his biological older brother Steven C. Shackelford.  The two brothers were inseparable just five years ago.

B.) He forced me to surrender my home in Plano, Texas threatening to isolate me from Wynton if I did not comply.

C.) I feel that at the most vulnerable point in my life Steve took advantage of  my financial situation leaving me frazzled and causing a variety of stress related illnesses, including the onset of Graves Disease.

D.) He filed a lawsuit against me alleging that I was solely responsible for dissolution of his professional relationship and verbal contractual agreement with Oprah Winfrey. I believe his actions are highly motivated by his guilt in not successfully providing closure financially, emotionally, and spiritually to our sons and me at the time of our break up.

AT2W: What do you personally want our visitors to know about your feelings, regarding this last court case?

Mary Harvey: I want everyone to know that I’m stunned that Steve in his professional capacity as an expert on relationships, a love guru, and a man of God has chosen to further exasperate an already intense situation by not being forth coming to resolve these family issues in private, although I provided him with every opportunity in the past five years to do so. This last court case is a further indication of his refusal to bring about a resolution to all parties involved so that our children will be able to have healthy relationships with all of us. I’ve tried on my own to find that place of contentment while physically, mentally and emotionally struggling for peace in my life. The enormous burden it has placed upon me, I would not wish on anyone. Never in my life have I felt so totally dehumanized.

AT2W: Mary, your story is so compelling. What would you say compels people to hear your side of things and what you’ve been through?

Mary Harvey: The victimizing that of my son and myself has endured happens to women everyday in all walks of life. My goal is to assist other women who may be in the midst of the struggle to understand that they can survive and return to a full life. Individuals who serve as a role model to our daughters and sons, who are the future of not only our country but also the global community in which we live, must be held accountable to the higher standard of life that they are promoting.  If not held accountable, these individuals become the cancer that they profess to guard our community against.

Even prior to my speaking out, there must have been some underlying concerns in our communities in regard to Mr. Harvey’s portrayal of his ideals. An Essence Magazine article referred to Steve Harvey as the full man that’s bigger than life, he has the last laugh. As a man of God, he should not have the need to fulfill nor embrace any of these titles. One man and his humor should not upstage the miracle and the gift of life in all its grandeur and beauty.   On the back pages of the same issue of Essence features a story on the women of Haiti who are continually raped and beaten even as their country tries to survive and rebuild.  Also in this same issue, the Religion of Steve Harvey has a greater priority than the activities of President Obama.  I am truly surprised that no one has commented on or questioned the journalistic responsibility of the editors

AT2W: Do you agree that women like Steve’s wife Marjorie are the cause of a lot of problems within the black community, like for instance, breaking up marriages and not caring about the feelings of the wife?

Mary Harvey: Outside of my belief that my marriage and my family and the institution of marriage is nothing more than a minor technicality in someone else’s desire to acquire and benefit from the hard work and sacrifices of others to suit their own greed and selfishness still causes me sleepless night and sometimes nightmares in the midst of my days. Surely we’ve all made mistakes and I pray to God everyday to forgive me of those I may have hurt in my ignorance of youth. But in out trials and mistakes the rest of our days should be filled with deeds to compensate our injustices in our past so that we may be forgiven in our future. When there is no humility or no asking of forgiveness to the ones we know we have wronged is an insult to the giver of life. None of us have the right of passage when it comes to another ones right to pursue happiness and contentment in their families. It is time again to raise objections and become offended with this passive disregard of those who are left most vulnerable and forever changed our children. What’s more important, to be examples to our children or our need for self-fulfillment at the expense of others.

AT2W: What do you have to say about women like Marjorie who hurt women like you?

Mary Harvey: Act like a woman of Virtue and stop thinking like a man. Face me now woman to woman publicly as she publicly enjoys the fruits of my labor.

AT2W: On your video series on You Tube, you mentioned how you met Steve and it seemed like it was just yesterday. I mean, we could really feel your sincerity about how you the both struggled for a long time, after he became the man we know him to be, the famous Steve Harvey. Would you say you still have love for Steve Harvey even through all you’ve stated he’s put you through?

Mary Harvey: My love for Steve is definitely not the same as it was when we first met.  However, as the father of my son, I do have a level of compassion for him.  If I had the opportunity to speak with Steve, I would tell him that there is no need for the discord that exists between all of us.  I do believe that for Wynton’s sake all three of us can get along and co-exist in the same environments.  We all play an important role in Wynton’s life and he needs to understand that is okay for him to love us all.  This can only be accomplished if we are all working together as a team for Wynton’s sake.

Even in your worst of days and nights, how do you instantly not love or care for someone you’ve promised to love for life. It is through the hard times that your bond and determination becomes stronger and you work together to accomplish your goals collectively and individually.  I do believe in for better or worse, at least until the worst becomes a way of your life in which it becomes intolerable or unhealthy for the family unit.

I am now in the self-preservation stage and life must go on. The person I vowed to love is the person that shattered my heart and dreams, but he is a part of my son, so how could I hate him?

AT2W: Do you feel like you will ever fall in love again?

Mary Harvey: One day I know I will love again. My greatest challenge everyday is to learn to love myself above all except God my creator. In accomplishing that, the next man in my life will without a doubt get the best that Mary can be.

AT2W: We know that your son Wynton means so much to you and you haven’t been able to spend time with him, as you’d like. What would you want him to know about why you are coming out so boldly?

Mary Harvey: I want my son to respect my courage and know that although times are difficult for him, I am fighting for both our rights to have a relationship with out interference.  I want him to know that I have not given up on him or stopped loving him.  I am hoping that he does not feel powerless, but has a better understanding of whatever he has heard and continues to hear against me.  I want him to understand the resilience of the heart and to learn how to forgive and move on with a productive and fulfilling life.

AT2W: Someday, do you feel like you and Wynton will be close?

Mary Harvey: Although distant by miles, I know in my Wynton’s heart he believes I love him like I do the sun. I know when the time comes we will be close like we once were.

AT2W: Do you feel like Wynton will grow up to be a different man to his future wife- different than his father who hurt you as his mother?

Mary Harvey: I pray to God constantly that Wynton will gain wisdom and insight from this experience and will treat his wife and the mother of his children differently from what he endured.

AT2W: We know that Steven, your older son has been on your side from day one, has he given you spiritual support?

Mary Harvey: If not for Steven, I do know that I would have not been able to stay focused enough to heal and be better from this. Who would have thought that the spiritual seeds I planted as a mother would be one of my saving graces throughout this entire experience.  God is truly in controls and knows what we need in our lives.

AT2W: Why do you feel the gospel music industry respects Steve Harvey as he claims to be a born again believer and cannot see him for who he truly is, allegedly, a cold hearted man?

Mary Harvey: Steve has likeability and he can be charismatic when it serves his purpose. Most people want to believe there’s good in everyone. We must or we have to have hope. Steve Harvey is an endeared many through his comedy. Many were already fans when he began to enter in the gospel arena, why should they not believe that he was what he said he was? The shame is not on the gospel community but on Steve Harvey for manipulating the innocence of their acceptance of him and by not living in accordance with what he proclaims to be. I personally would not encourage anyone to hold me to a standard in which I knew I could not dignify by my actions. If I fell short of that I would at least apologize and ask for forgiveness.

AT2W: We’ve seen how he’s cried on television mainly at gospel inspired shows. We have to ask you. Why do you think he’s been so easily moved to cry and what do you feel it’s all about?

Mary Harvey: I sincerely believe he cries out of his own pains from his childhood, which comforts him, but at the same time he also understands that he can benefit from his tearful display to promote sympathy for himself and strengthens his fan base for his comedy shows ultimately the sale of his books.  I know it sounds inconceivable but unfortunately that is something I have firsthand knowledge of when it comes to Steve. I hope and pray that his wife has or is bringing him the spiritual closure that he needs for the sake of himself and Wynton.

AT2W: If you had one thing to say to Steve, what do you want to share here at AT2W?

Mary Harvey: Steve it is okay to make a mistake, but it is not okay to make your mistakes a way of life. People do really love to forgive.

AT2W: Are you a born again believer and what have you heard God say to you about this matter?

Mary Harvey: My mother tried to raise all ten of her children to do the right thing. I tried to be virtuous my whole life. At some point in my life I forgot about my virtue and let the world change me into someone I wasn’t. I refer to the picture of myself that I detest. I’m wearing a black dress cut down to my navel. I’m standing next to Steve on the red carpet. He is wearing a black pin striped suit with gold pin stripes and matching gold hat. My hair color is almost the same shade of gold. I’m ashamed to say I do not look like the girl my mother raised. I’m totally exposed in that dress and I look lost and vacant when I look at the picture. It was the worst picture I have ever taken in my life. It is the one picture that is always displayed of Steve and myself. That picture was taken right before our break up. I was truly lost spiritually. I had to do something about that. I put Steve’s career, my friends and associates ahead of God, although at the time I was not aware that that’s what I was doing. I lost my virtue. Now I am walking back towards my virtue. It’s like coming home to my mom, although she’s passed away. I know she’s proud of me. My mom could not speak out in her struggles as a mother and wife. There are deep dark secrets that are a part of my family which one day I will talk about in order to encourage women to be brave and bold at a time when they probably won’t feel like they can be or are able to be. She had to endure. There were no groups or therapy, no Internet. She had her virtue and prayer and that’s what she gave me. I had to fight my way back into God’s grace and mercy after I abandoned it. I know better now.

AT2W: We want to thank you, Mary for sharing your story with us and our audience. We truly wish you all the best and will continue to pray for you that God reveals the truth behind man who has caused you so much pain.

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