Bishop Eric McDaniel and Wife Starts New Church, After Being Fired From The River

First, we are not surprised of what comes next in the news, regarding the church world of this age. It seems like there are some ministers who refuse to struggle to make the six-figures in a legitimate business, instead of depending on God’s House to bring in that sort of income for them to enjoy ultimate wealth.  Bishop McDaniel and his wife, Subrenia have started a church in North Carolina, after over a month ago, he was fired from The River of Durham by Bishop Joby Brady and his wife Pastor Sheryl Brady.  If you have been following the story, regarding Bishop Eric McDaniel being fired by the couple, you will realize the Bradys hired Bishop Eric McDaniel to lead their flock while they both pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes church, The Potter’s House of North Dallas (seems like a franchise). Now, we figured since pastor Sheryl Brady mentioned she and Bishop Joby Brady agreed to pay  Bishop McDaniel a six-figure salary in the midst of a recession, they were at least possibly making triple that much under Bishop T. D. Jakes million dollar corporate ministry and this is why they had to make a move as though they were accepting an executive position in Corporate America.

One of our journalists happen to discover the McDaniel’s church website and noticed it looks very colorful and contemporary, it is very much in with the times to attract the hip hop or rock church goers.  It seems like Bishop McDaniel and his wife knew who to go to in a hurry, since this is the same web designer who did his ministry website, take a look.

This is what we assume, when Bishop Eric McDaniel was fired, he and his wife must have sat down and made a decision not to return to New York where he claimed he was already a pastor, but remain in North Carolina; like we said before, his church in New York must have not been bringing in a high salary income, because he left it all behind to accept his high paying position at The River church.  You have to remember, Pastor Sheryl Brady mentioned in her open letter to The River’s church members on Facebook that Bishop McDaniel was in high demand at her church, meaning the church members of The River were eager to see Bishop Eric McDaniel preach as though he was very popular before they gave him that position.  Yes indeed, they made this smart move not to be demoralized and hide, but remain in N.C.  so he and his wife could possibly gain some of The River’s members into their own church who no doubt may join.

Now, how he and his wife were able to set up their idealistic church so quick, we do not know, but this is what we have seen and this is how we know they did not waste any time planning their strategy to start their own empire; although they are temporarily having services at the Radisson Hotel at Research Triangle Park, they named their church ‘The Lord’s Church at The Triangle’ Now, our question is, do they plan on keeping that name when services are no longer being held at that specific location? Maybe the name of the church should have been just named ‘The Lord’s Church or, Praise Deliverance Temple, Faith Tabernacle…you get the point. Another thing, it is really interesting how his location at the Radisson Hotel on Research Triangle Park is named after the street.  If you know anything about the Satanic movement within the church world today, the triangle is the symbol of the Illuminati.

Anyway, Bishop Eric McDaniel did not waste any time, no doubt, because there is so much money to receive, instead of sitting around upset about losing his position as pastor of  The River Church of Durham.  Now, they were paying him six-figures, according to Pastor Sheryl Brady.  How much more could he and his wife make now, probably millions and this is why he and his wife quickly began services two nights ago.  However, it was very courageous of them not to be defeated out of embarrassment of being fired, but proved the Brady’s have no authority over their lives, only God.  It does take courage to remain in the same vicinity as your former employer and reveal they are no bigger than you are.

If Bishop Eric McDaniel’s new church is God’s will, then why did it take him to get fired as pastor over some one else church before starting his own?   For whatever reason they instantly started their ministry, we pray that the McDaniel’s allow God to lead them into teaching righteousness instead of just what people want to hear, take some of their finances and feed and shelter the poor and to be fair, do things different than the average ministry, do not charge for conferences since they will already be getting tithes and offerings to take care of their household.  We pray for Bishop Eric and Pastor Subrenia McDaniel and may God richly bless their church.