Mo’Nique Show Romances The Most Hypocritical in the Church

Mo’Nique Show Romances The Most Hypocritical in the Church

Well its time to talk about how hypocritical some people who represent the church today really are. We were given a link by one of our readers to watch the episode of The Mo’Nique Show which aired on Friday, Jan. 28th. We normally do not support The Mo’Nique Show because we have found her to be disrespectful towards some of her guests that represent God by blatantly using profanity and inappropriate jokes that seem blaspheme God’s name. We actually were going to do a story on her about that very subject but put it aside. Well we will tackle the issues in this episode, which, by the way has nothing to do with disrespecting men and women of God. Oh no. Ms. Mo’Nique actually is coming to the defense of the three guests she had on her show, Gospel of Inclusion follower, Bishop Carlton Pearson, hip hop gospel artist, Tye Tribbett and gospel recording artist Wess Morgan.

Now, we want to reveal just how twisted Mo’Nique’s views on God are and how her guests are the reflection of her views. Seemingly, Mo’Nique planned to have these three on her show to blend all religious beliefs together as ‘one religion’. Read below some of what was said on the show to see if she was able to pull it off.

Mo’Nique sets the stage for what what she says that: we are one religion, not Christian not baptist but she says “I am the religion of love.” She says “when there is only the religion of love, there is no judgment.”  Though she tries to turn it around and say we just don’t judge people, we know what she’s saying. Just like many people who just don’t want to believe Jesus Christ is the only LIVING God and His word is THE word, people similar to Mo’Nique in beliefs, really just don’t want to be judged. What we mean is this: if people can move away from the true God Jesus Christ, then there is no more worries about being judged. You know Mo’Nique  and her husband Sidney Hicks have an open marriage like Will and Jada Smith. Oh yes, it true. So, again if you don’t follow Jesus Christ, then you don’t have to be judged and you can live the way you want.

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Carlton Pearson: First of all, He truly gets under our skin but we just hope that the hypocrisy of his doctrine will be revealed to the world and people will stop supporting him. We can not follow this arrogant, self righteous rebel who is leading folks to hell. We say all those things because it is true and we can prove it by his own words. On the show, Mo’Nique as usual defends these out of touch doctrines by asking Carlton Pearson this important question: ‘When did you get to the point that I can no longer buy into what I have been sold?’ She was referring to his belief system from Christianity to the Gospel of Inclusion. So he responds: ‘I could not reconcile the moral character of a loving God, who evidently had a terrible  anger management problem. He said that the bible states vengeance is mine… I’m a jealous God..things we are not to be, God is …and he’s a vindictive God.” WHAT?!! Carlton Pearson has once again blasphemed God. We have heard him do it before but it always seems to hurt more every time.

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Can you believe he said God has an anger management problem? What is really wrong with this man except that he is re-probated?  How does he even get the strength to speak against a God that has allowed him to breathe though he blasphemed Him over and over? Also, he ‘judges God’ for saying ‘vengeance is mine… I am a jealous God, then calls him vindictive? Who does Pearson think has control here? God does and if he really understood the bible for what the meaning is behind the words, then he’d know who God is and he’d be trembling in his boots. Some of the  hateful words that Bishop Carlton Pearson stated about God, goes to show you he knows nothing about God and his goodness even though he has degrees in divinity.  He says all people are on their way to heaven and they are not only saved but safe. Carlton Pearson has truly lost his way and the bad part about it is: ‘he knows better’.

Tye Tribbett: Firstly, he comes out singing a worldly gospel song about having victory. This first performance of the show reveals how he rocks the stage like its a hip hop concert. His group members are dancing and shaking like it was a nightclub. (Quite frankly, he’s more outlandish than Kirk Franklin.) For many of you who know of him or heard his music,  then you know how he operates. But this doesn’t make it right and then blatantly call it ‘gospel music’. Many do not want to deal with the hip hop gospel issue but we think most people know this mess is wrong.

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As he is interviewed by Mo’Nique, he tries to throw out all these scriptures like he’s so spiritual. He tried to go around the subject of what people already know  about how he cheated on his wife with a woman in his group. Then Mo’Nique tries to pump Tye up by saying he’s a holy man of god. Then Tye gives the statement to justify want he’s done in life: he states that ‘we can never out-sin God’s grace and that God has more grace than we have sin.’ Though we can agree with this, its been used often to justify what people want to do then come around and repent and expect God to forgive us; but only the humble at heart can be forgiven.Tye Tribbett finishes his last performance with a song called “Keep Me” which apparently he wants people to see a more traditional side of gospel music coming from him. Not only does Tye Tribbett look scary in the face but he does not come off as a real man of God. Another one going through the motions with no real purpose to truly serve Him.

Wess Morgan was speaking about how he grew up in a loving church family but chose to do drugs and get into all the trouble he wanted. He even mentioned how he loved to do drugs. It was as if he was right back to where he claims he used to be. The way he described how he “romanced” the cocaine pipe like a woman, you would think he was going to get high backstage after the show. He literally sounded as if he was ‘sanctifying’ his sin. He seemed so not spiritual as he went on about how God saved him from drugs and turned his life around. He sounded more and more less like a Christian, though he claimed he was delivered and changed for 7 years. Wess Morgan appears to be just motioning along as if he’s saved. Quite honestly, he’s a joke to say the least.

If you’d like to watch the episode for yourself, Click HERE