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Grapevine Members Say Pastor Ed Young Lost His Spiritual Connection Because of Extreme Wealth

We thank one of our readers for sending us this information regarding one of the most popular pastors of Grapevine, Texas.  Their concern was if it was really true Pastor Ed Young has been focused on his followers having more sex in their marriages than salvation while enjoying an extremely luxurious lifestyle and then, it has been a few more months after that message, we began receiving more information from former members of Ed Young’s ministry.  So, we looked into reviewing this information, which really hit the news last year; however, we thought it was important to bring this popular pastor of one of the most growing mega churches back into the news.  There are former anonymous members who left Ed Young’s ministry, Fellowship Church and are very anxious to see what we have to say, regarding not only his extreme wealth, but his message for married couples.   Because it is important to his former members, it is not only important to us, but also God has much to say, regarding the lavish lifestyle of this long-time contemporary pastor, which is one of many among today’s mega churches who has become a millionaire.

Like many mega ministries of this age, Ed Young is more of a motivational speaker that has become a superstar while building his church into a corporate million dollar ministry.  One of the most interesting thing’s one of our journalist’s notice while visiting Fellowship Church of Grapevine, is that there was a Cross.   A lot of mega churches today, even the smaller ones, do not have a cross.  That was very beautiful to see and it was very noticeable in the front of Ed Young’s church.  How many churches that are million dollar corporations have a big cross on the front of God’s House? Not many as prior years, the average ministry has a globe inside of their church and maybe a very small cross outside.   Jesus Christ loves the fact of the cross he had to carry being the focus when followers and even sinners arrive to His House.  When our journalist entered the church it was very colorful on stage with lots of monitors and there were many people eagerly waiting to see Pastor Young come out on stage, which was not the look as the traditional pulpit.  If there was a Cross on stage, it was not noticeable.  However, the fact of a Cross being in front is a clear sign of Ed Young’s respect for God.  One of our other reporters visited Fellowship Church’s website and noticed he has baptism, which is something that is no longer important among today’s average clergy.  Okay, we really were shocked to see the video, it was beautiful to see.  Pastor Young also explained the importance of water baptism.   Then, we proceeded to look into the concerns of these former members and the one individual who desired for us to do a report on what has been in the media regarding Pastor Ed Young’s sermons and his wealth, so we carefully watched the video that was sent to us, which we will give you at the end of this article and it was quite interesting and something for true born again believers to pray about.

On the video, it says Ed Young’s message to married couples, ‘Seven Days of Sex’ made him a national sensation.  First, we wondered how God felt about him speaking about sex to married couples, not just in front of his church, but millions of people?  Was this a regular Sunday service or a marriage conference?  Where were the children when he taught this message? We do not know the answers to any of those questions, we are just curious.  An unidentified witness who used to be a member says Young’s focus in his messages has been more about physiology and not about God.  Also, it has been said the more millions Ed Young has been making through his ministry, the more members have been leaving the church.  Also, it has been said that Pastor Young’s direction and treatment of staff members has been in error, for example, he replaced his Chief Financial Officer with his fishing buddy, business partner and personal attorney, Dennis Brewer. Allegedly, members say every since Dennis Brewer has became Pastor Young’s business partner and adviser Young has been enjoying luxurious transportation of a jet.   Although a rich pastor owning a jet is not surprising these days, these members are complaining that they have never seen the jet, which is allegedly a 8.4 million dollar model, French-made 2002 Falcon 50 private jet, according to WFAA.com.  It is not brand new, but we suppose it is the price that his former members are upset about and also the fact Pastor Ed Young has replied there is no private jet, so they have never seen it.  The jet is supposed to have been filed on record as belonging to Young’s Fellowship Church, which has been parked at a discreet airport, north of Fort Worth.  The witness on this following video admits that staff members have denied there is a private jet and they have flown on it.  The jet has been on the churches tax roll, Palometa Revocable Trust and not in Pastor Young’s name, including his 10 thousand square foot 1.5 million dollar Flower Mound home.

Also, reportedly Pastor Young receives $240,000 a year for a parsonage allowance, which is added to his one million dollar annual salary, which he declined to discuss with our source News 8, WFAA.com.  Besides being a famous world known minister who is seen on various Christian television networks and touring around the country and abroad, Pastor Young has sold his Christian Publications through he and his business partner’s various business websites.

What we have seen on this following video is nothing knew.  There are many other ministers who are enjoying the wealth from selling Christian publications, conferences and through tithes and offerings and they have been very many years.  Pastor Ed Young is just another minister who needs to ask God if He is pleased with how he has been operating His Church.   Of course, it is nice to have money, but how we get it is God’s concern and Bishop Earthquake Kelley who says God dangled him over hell said God is not pleased.  Also if you have heard Mary K. Baxter testimony, which we mentioned on this website, she said she saw ministers burning in hell who once were enjoying the wealth from God’s Church and not being concerned for the welfare of their followers.  First, you can watch this following video, regarding this situation with Pastor Ed Young, but also we will give you links to Bishop Earthquake Kelley’s confession of dying and not only going to heaven, but being dangled over hell.   Following Bishop Earthquake Kelley, we will give you the link to watch or listen to Mary K. Baxter.  We do not like to judge people, but we do have a deep concern about how God feels about today’s church and according to Mary K. Baxter and Bishop Earthquake Kelley, He has not been happy, at all.   Some of the testimonies that Mary K. Baxter spoke about, reminds us of what we see today, many ministers preaching God’s Word only to prosper, not necessarily to win souls.  The fact that Pastor Ed Young has allegedly taught more about sex, rather than salvation is very disturbing to us as true born again believers and we will be giving this matter over to God.

Immediately, take heed to Mary K. Baxter’s testimony, you  can watch Minister Baxter or listen here).  We even saw clips of Mary K. Baxter’s testimony here on You Tube.

Here is Bishop Earthquake Kelley reveals his testimony here.

Photo courtesy of http://apprising.org/2010/02/05/sbc-pastor-ed-young-jr-in-luxury-cover-up/
Story Source: http://www.wfaa.com/news/Prominent-Pastor-Linked-to-Luxury-83600192.html