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Today’s Gay Affirming Pastors and Bishops Who Once Opposed Homosexuality Expect More Tithes and Offerings

This is how we know a lot of these ministers in the ministry for money, there have been many coming out of the closet changing their viewpoint in favor of homosexuality, since President Obama is in favor and revealing his opinion by changing the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and then, making promises to the homosexual community that he will approve same-sex marriage, nationwide.   According to Wikipedia, there are well-known pastors within the black community who are a part of Obama’s Faith-based initiative: Bishop Charles E. Blake, head of the Church of God in Christ and twenty-four other names you may recognize, here.  Some ministers who have turned their ministries into gay-affirming churches are not even a part of Obama’s Faith-based initiative, they just desire to teach what is popular, so they will continue to receive much tithes and offerings.  We are not necessarily saying that Blake agrees with homosexuality;however, if he does not believe it is okay to be a homosexual, then why is he a part of this President’s board for the Faith-initiative?

Many preachers have turned from God’s Word, all because President Barack Obama agrees with homosexuality.  There are many ministers who have tried to make it okay to be gay, by pointing out they lost a relative to AIDS and/or have had gay relatives like Bishop George Bloomer in this Gay Christian Movement Watch article, here (Note: we will be doing an article on Bishop George Bloomer’s  sorry excuse in a future article, so stay tuned.), but most likely they are only focused on preaching what is popular and what pleases the masses to make sure they still receive a lot of money through their ministry supporters.  Another thing, on the Lexi Show, George Bloomer had the audacity to attack Bishop Carlton Pearson, along with Pastor Jamal Bryant as though he was righteous, as mentioned on GCMWatch’s article.

Another pastor and wife team of the Washington D. C., Covenant Baptist Church married a lesbian couple, after years of preaching against homosexuality, allegedly. They both continued their new inclusive gospel, even after being threatened with a lawsuit from a long-time member, Yvonne Moore who did not think it was right for them to change their ministry, see here.  After thirty-seven years of giving over $200,000 in tithes and offerings, she did the right thing and left.

These pastors, bishops and evangelists who are following President Barack Obama, instead of following God’s Word will have to eventually stand before God and once they close their eyes and their lives come to an end, there is no turning back.   Ministers who are responsible for winning souls to Christ are responsible for what they teach.  Mary K. Baxter tells the story of various ministers in eternal hell and damnation who did things displeasing in the sight of God and they were begging Jesus Christ to let them out of hell, but Jesus said no, because they knew better.

Could you imagine, after you reflect on Mary K. Baxter’s story, great people of all walks of life are burning in hell?  The same thing goes for these ministers goes to the leaders over this country who are leading people astray away from God’s law, morals and values.

Many ministers are changing their ministries into gay-affirming churches, all in favor of Obama’s support for the gay community and God is not pleased.  Now it is time for God to raise up strong ministers who are not weak to stand up and teach righteousness.  He wants ministers who are not afraid to represent living holy while preaching against sin.

Please take heed and do not rebel.  Humble yourselves in the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Immediately, you must listen and watch her testimony. Immediately, take heed to Mary K. Baxter’s testimony, you  can watch Minister Baxter or listen here).  We even saw clips of Mary K. Baxter’s testimony here on You Tube.

photo courtesy of http://infoplease.com