Kidnapped Infant, Carlina White Reunited with Family 24 Years Later

Kidnapped Infant, Carlina White Reunited with Family 24 Years Later

This is a good day for good news. In Good News: The NYPD cold case bureau has solved one of its most perplexing cases ever. News reports given from NY Daily News stated Tuesday that an infant was kidnapped from a hospital 24 years ago and has now reunited with her family.

Carlina White, was only 3 weeks old when she was reported missing 24 years old from a local New York hospital. DNA tests results show that a woman in Georgia matched with connection to her relatives in New York. The woman that kidnapped now adult 23 year old Carlina White, was a drug user and neglected and abused her over the years.

Joy White, Carlina’s real mother stated: “She didn’t really raise her,” the irate mother said. “She neglected her and let other people raise her.”

Carlina White was raised in Bridgeport, Conn., under an assumed alias, Nejdra Nance. Carlina said she started to suspect she was not her family’s flesh and blood when she was 16 years old.  So she contacted an organization for missing and exploited children for help with her suspicions. On Jan. 4, mother Joy White received photos that her daughter was still alive and they met Tuesday night.

“I was screaming, I was so excited,” said Joy White. “As soon as I saw those pictures I said, ‘That’s my daughter.’ I saw myself in her.”  Nejdra, now named Carlina White has a 5 year old daughter.

The father, Carl Tyson stated: “I already knew in my heart that this was my daughter,” said Tyson, who was 22 when the girl disappeared. “All I could do is shed tears.”

It was over 2 decades ago in August of 1987  that police ran out of leads for the case of the missing and kidnapped infant girl. On the day of the kidnapping, the parents of Carlina were in the emergency room of Harlem Hospital to get care for her 104 degree fever. This is when a woman dressed as a nurse was present in ER as she cunningly tried to comfort the mother of Carlina, Joy White who was very worried about her child’s condition. The sly woman told her at the time: “Don’t cry,” she said. “Everything’s going to be all right.”

Police authorities were able to find out that the woman was suspiciously hanging around the hospital for months before the kidnapping. Presumably, she was planning her perfect timing for the snatching of an infant.

The city was ordered to pay the couple, Carl Tyson and Joy White a settlement of $750,000 in a lawsuit. Though the two split up a year after the kidnapping, they always had Carlina on their minds.

We are so happy for the two parents and the now found young lady that remained alive and well physically after countless years of abuse and neglect from an insane woman. We pray the she and her parents can build a loving relationship with their first born because this is proof “God is good and He never fails”.
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