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Why are Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady Sharing Connection of Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministry, The Potter’s House?

Why are Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady Sharing Connection of Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministry, The Potter’s House?

We ask this important question, regarding Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady who were recently in the press for firing their good friend, Bishop Eric McDaniel as pastor of their North Carolina church, The River.  For years, this couple has been known to attract followers of diverse cultures, especially African Americans.   This couple in ministry appears to have been leading a full gospel, Pentecostal ministry for years, but it is confusing how they have suddenly ceased their ministry to lead Bishop T. D. Jakes church, The Potter’s House in North Dallas. It is also very disturbing to have watched a video that was sent to us, regarding Bishop T. D. Jakes possible connection to the Satanic Illuminati.  If the Brady’s are truly God’s anointed couple for this age, then why haven’t they sensed any demonic practices with Bishop T. D. Jakes? Again, just like they should have sensed their dear friend and colleague, Bishop Eric McDaniel was not called to pastor their church, then that same gift of discerning spirits, they should have been blessed with to identify Bishop T. D. Jakes alleged dealings with the Satanic Illuminati.   We will reveal that video of Bishop T. D. Jakes showing Satanic Illuminati hand symbols while having his alter call to you again, at the end of this post.

We have seen certain ministers of this era, revealing Satanic hand signs that reveals they are a part of the secret society, which is the occult.  They think no one in the body of Christ are educated enough to know about the Secret Illuminati, the New World Order; therefore, they have revealed their Satanic hand signs in a sneaky way, but Bishop T. D. Jakes and his good friend, Bishop Eddie Long have been caught on camera and there are very intelligent people who are aware of their possible involvement with the Satanic occult who controls many lives of the rich and famous.

In our prior article, we revealed to you, what it means to have the gift of discernment and that is, to automatically read the spirit of a person, even before you speak with them.   God blesses his chosen ones with this gift and we are aware what is not right and will not agree with the average person who is a follower of deceivers of Christ, false prophets.

For many years, it was mainly Sheryl Brady who has been seen on national television preaching as though she has been led by the anointing of God.    We also noticed on her biography on The River church’s website, she mentions how she has preached at Bishop T. D. Jakes popular conference, “Woman Thou Art Loose”. Now, since Bishop T. D. Jakes has been caught doing Satanic Illuminati hand signs, why hasn’t she or her husband been blessed to discern something is not right about their good friend and colleague, Bishop T. D. Jakes?   Neither one should have to see this following video, they should automatically and already know something is not right about this man or even his wife, Serita.  Pastor Sheryl Brady mentioned she and her husband agreed to pay Bishop Eric McDaniel a six figure salary, so isn’t it a great possibility their spirits are more focused on making that sort of salary at The Potter’s House of Dallas, which would be more than they already earn at The River Church of Durham,  instead of turning away from Bishop T. D. Jakes’ possible demonic affiliation with the Satanic Illuminati?

Watch this video of Bishop T. D. Jakes doing the Corna hand sign of the Devil’s horn: here.

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