Update: Gabrielle Giffords No Longer in Critical Condition

This is really a clear sign of miracles still occur in the 21st century. U. S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords is showing positive signs, eight days after being shot in the brain says CNN.

In a public release statement, released on Sunday, a spokesperson of University Medical Center in Tuscon said Rep. Giffords is continuing to do well.

Miraculously, Giffords has been off of the ventilator and breathing on her own through a through a tracheotomy tube.

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand who is a friend of Rep. Giffords says she is moving on both sides of her body today.

Although, the Arizona shooting took several lives, it is just so wonderful a blessing came out of it and that is, Gabrielle Giffords amazing recovery.  We will continue to pray for Giffords, her husband and the families who lost their loved ones.