WBC Protest Called Off For Publicity But Exploited Arizona Victims

WBC Protest Called Off For Publicity But Exploited Arizona Victims

News has stated that the Westboro Baptist Church that planned to protest the 6 victims of the Arizona shooting on Saturday has called off the protest. Well, its not all because they came to their senses of course but only for an exchange for publicity. What?!

On Tuesday, daughter of founder of WBC Shirley Phelps-Roper has been promised an interview with 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Canada if they agreed to call off the protest. We found that this is not the first time they have “called a bluff” on a protest. We did some research and found in 2006, Shirley Phelps-Roper called off a similar protest planned for the funerals of Amish schoolgirls who were shot to death in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in exchange for publicity.

Let’s get this straight: The WBC has thrown out all types of hateful words about innocent deceased people who lost their lives in an in home terrorist attack while the Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords fights for her life and now they decided they want to “air their views and beliefs” instead to reach a wider audience? This group has given up the protest so they can receive some radio spots on a show.

Its truly amazing how evil some people can be by exploiting the lives of others for their own selfish reasons and for a false doctrine for that matter.  This is unspeakable and they even insinuated that they were happy the Congresswoman was fighting for her life.

We surely hope that this group gets taken down soon because they will have to pay for all the pain and disrespect they have caused.