Church Will Protest Arizona Memorial Despite New Bill Passed

What is the world coming to? There seems to be no regard or care for the victims in this horrible tragedy of several deaths and assassination attempt of Congresswoman Rep. Gabrielle Giffords that happened on Saturday morning in Tucson.

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) plans to picket the funeral of the deceased victims, which  include the 9 year old girl Christina Taylor Green on Wednesday.  President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama plan to attend the memorial.

A Tucson resident Christin Gilmer stated to CNN: “For something like this to happen in Tucson was a really big shock to us all. Our nightmare happened when we saw Westboro Baptist Church was going to picket the funerals.” Residents are not having this and they plan to counter protest by wearing 8 by 10 feet angel wings so WBC won’t be in view of funeral attendees.

WBC issued an alarming and hateful statement when they heard of the memorial to take place (SOURCE):

“Thank God for the shooter – 6 dead! WBC will picket their funerals! God sent the shooter! Your fag-loving Congresswoman fights for her life.”

Though WBC plans to protest any by all means necessary, they say it doesn’t matter that Arizona lawmakers have just passed a bill to prohibit the protest near a funeral on Tuesday. The bill states they can not protest less than 300 feet from the funeral block or be faced with a misdemeanor. Protesters of Westboro Baptist Church say the law doesn’t matter because they will protest 1000 feet away as planned.

Democratic state senator Kyrsten Sinema stated: “It is the most disgusting thing I ever read in my entire life. I literally threw up after I read it … I’m like, ‘I’m gonna fix this’,” after hearing the news on FOX today and she initiated the bill to be passed.

We don’t agree with WBC tactics and how they go about showing their dislike of homosexuals through Democrats. By using hate towards this country, the lawmakers or anyone else is going against God. This group couldn’t be a real church but; is it affiliated with the Temple of Sect (Temple of Satan in S.F., CA.)?

The bible clearing states we should not rally. With their hateful tactics as well, they need to reevaluate themselves because hate never brings people to Christ and that, as we can see, they are not trying to do.

But the point is: protesting a funeral for innocent lives that were taken because of a crazed individual’s beliefs, is wrong just as the protest is disrespectful and goes against everything God-like.