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Son Of Pastor Marvin Winans and Ex-Wife Vickie Winans, Mario Accused of Being a Deadbeat Father

Mario Winans, the son of sensational gospel artists, Vickie Winans and Pastor Marvin Winans, Sr. is accused of being a deadbeat father.   His ex-girlfriend, Janelle Bennett says Mario is four months behind in child support. However, the root of the problem are accusations coming from his ex-girlfriend back in 1997 who is jealous of his marriage to his wife, Joy, the mother of his three children. Every time she has spoken out to the press, regarding his lack of child support, she has always expressed her jealousy about what he and his wife, Joy possess, living in a big luxury home.  Deep down inside, is Janelle Bennett angry just because Mario Winans is behind in child support or is it pure jealousy?   We think it is both.

Janelle Bennett claims Mario is suppose to pay her $4,500 a month and has not paid child support and is angry because he supports his three kids with his wife, of course, he’s married to her; however, since he did have this child with Bennett, then he should pay his dues.  Like thousands of fathers who have children out of wedlock, Bennett also accuses Mario of not spending time with Jordan.   Then, she mentions he leases a home in Jersey, paying $10,000 a month while claiming his broke.  Bennett claims she was living with friends in Chicago and had no place to go.

Mario Winans is a very successful music artist, he not only wrote and produced songs for his mother, Vickie, but he also has worked with various famous music artists like Destiny’s Child, Ice Cube, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Lil’ Kim.  Also, he is the executive producer of  P. Diddy’s new album, “Last Train to Paris,” and Trey Songz’s single, “Can’t Be Friends.”

Mario does not deny he has been going to court, regarding this issue since 2007, but he says he takes care of all of his children.  He claims there were times he would wire her $14,000 over the weekend.   Four-teen thousand dollars? If he has proved that in court, then why is this woman accusing him of being a deadbeat father?  Could the root of the problem be, pure wickedness? According to Bossip.com, Vickie claims Janelle Bennett is into witchcraft and has been harassing she and Mario through emails and over the phone.  However, Vickie says she has nothing to do with Mario’s situation, which is catching up with him from his past.  Furthermore, she says she has even loaned Mario money to send to Janelle.

Overall, if it is true that he is a deadbeat father, it sounds like the men in the Winans family have a problem.   It is true, when Mario and his brother, Marvin Winans, Jr. were young children, Pastor Marvin Winans left there mother, Vickie.  Vickie was on welfare, because Pastor Marvin Winans would not pay child support, allegedly. Also, BeBe Winans was accused of beating his ex-wife, Deborah Winans and still to this day, he denies it is not true.  

It sounds like although Mario has made an effort to pay child support, this Janelle is never satisfied, because she can never be Mrs. Winans.   If he has papers of his paid child support, then there is nothing more to say.   Maybe Janelle Bennett needs to move on with her life and find God, since allegedly, she is into witchcraft.