Bishop Eric McDaniel Fired by Pastor Sheryl Brady and Husband, Bishop Joby Brady

Bishop Eric McDaniel Fired by Pastor Sheryl Brady and Husband, Bishop Joby Brady

Late last year, one of our reporters thought it was very interesting to see Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady on the The Potter’s House website as pastors of their North location, take a peak, here.  One by one, we sat down and evaluated the website and were in deep thought, simply because the Brady’s already have their million dollar empire in Durham, North Carolina.   Our question was, ‘why would both of them, as a team, accept the position of pastoralism within Bishop T. D. Jakes million dollar empire?’ You see, Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady have been leading the flock of their empire, The River church, for many years.   Most of their flock are African Americans, possibly, because like Paula White, Sheryl Brady preaches like she has a black woman trapped inside of her white body, that’s what Paula White calls it, so we thought we would use it.   We thought if she and her husband are truly called by God, shouldn’t they have been able to discover what Obnoxioustv’s Blog discovered, allegedly, Bishop Eric McDaniel is down low, yes, the blog stated he has a weakness for the same sex.   As a true child of the most High, we have been blessed to examine the spirits of people, it is called a discerning spirit.  The Bible speaks about this gift and we feel especially those who have a title of a Bishop and Pastor should have been blessed with it.  Therefore, Bishop Joby Brady and his wife, Pastor Sheryl Brady should have known something about this man was not right, especially since they are his friends.

Pastor Sheryl Brady responded to the news on her Facebook page, which we suppose that is what she was supposed to do, in order to inform confused church members who may have wondered why he was no longer present; no doubt, it is possibly was hard for she and her husband to explain it, before their congregation at The River, back in North Carolina.   Her note did not get into precise details, but it did reveal some interesting information, here.  Now, in the first paragraph, she mentioned they hired (remember, this is corporate business) Bishop Eric McDaniel, because he was their personal friend and colleague.  Originally, weren’t ministers supposed to be hired in the Pentecostal church based on being anointed? However, we did not forget they are not so holy these days and are most often called, Interdenominational or Non-denominational.  Alright, maybe they always did hire friends and colleagues, but it sure is not fair to people who are not personal acquaintances to big shot ministers like The Brady’s and the Jakes’ who have truly been called by God to pastor a church.   This is why if you know you are truly called by God, it is best not to sit under a ministry who does not recognize the anointing on one’s life, but only take care of their friends and colleagues.  Next, she went on to mention this man demanded a six-figure plus salary in the midst of a recession.   A Six-figure plus salary?   How many homeless people do we have across this country?   Secondly, how many of these mega churches have homeless shelters?  Do your research, not many, probably a half of percent.  Thirdly, Sheryl Brady mentioned she and her husband provided a generous compensation package that included housing allowance, health benefits and extended to him our 7,500 square foot home for his family; that’s so much more than you can find on an average job in corporate America.  All this man had to do is stand up in front of The River’s congregation every Sunday, preach and then do his job as a pastor?   He and his wife had it too good. All he had to do was keep his zipper up and stay away from same-sex partners, according to Obnoxioustv’ blog.  The blog reveals a photo of Bishop Eric McDaniel with a younger man.   We do not have any knowledge of any information on that  blog and have nothing to do with the content, we are just providing important facts.  Lastly, Pastor Brady mentions they also gave him the position as pastor, because he was a favorite speaker at their church.   That’s not based on being called or chosen by God.  Is it?  There are many ministers who are popular, but are they anointed by God?  Absolutely, not. Many of them do a lot of yelling, screaming and showing off while cracking jokes, all in the name of the Lord, but they are certainly not God’s chosen messenger and these are men and women. 

Then, we decided to see who this Bishop Eric McDaniel was, by going over to his website.  He seems to be very vain, showing off his photo shoot.   He took photos of himself as a gospel artist and we also observed his music cds in Google; a few  of AToast2Wealth journalists who are familiar with the gospel music industry never heard of him.  Then, we scrolled down on his home page and discovered his note to the parishioners of The River, but Obnoxioustv’s blog mentioned his note came after Sheryl Brady’s notification.  We suppose he did not want to be outdone.  He first started off with a sincere tone of sorrow, then he goes into explaining how he was asked to pastor The River church when Pastor Brady and her husband were offered to be pastors of the North location of Bishop T. D. Jakes church, The Potter’s House.  Wait a minute, he only was in the position as the pastor of The River church for a year? He went on claiming he left a home and a church back in New York city to fulfill this divine assignment at the Brady’s church.   Surely, his church was not giving him a six-figure salary, a 7,500 square foot luxury home and a compensation plan with health benefits.  He and his wife, Subrenia McDaniel and their two daughters were living in luxury and we bet they did not have a wealthy lifestyle back in New York.  Then, he says it was unclear why he was dismissed, but he wanted to remind the parishioners, it had nothing to do with any indiscretion,  infidelity or any sinful act…that statement right there was not mentioned in Pastor Sheryl Brady’s letter.    It seems like Bishop Eric McDaniel is trying to cover up what he was accused of doing, before any possible rumors spread.

Here we go again with someone who cannot keep there clothes on while claiming to be a minister of God’s Word.   This is a clear sign, there are many ministers among leadership who are too dysfunctional to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is time for the majority of these ministers to find something else to do, like feeding, clothing and giving shelter to the homeless.   There are too many homeless and poor people for someone like Bishop Eric McDaniel to be able to receive a six-figure salary.  In conclusion, God is watching and is keeping record of all of these situations that aim to destroy the Kingdom of God.

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4 Responses to “Bishop Eric McDaniel Fired by Pastor Sheryl Brady and Husband, Bishop Joby Brady”

  1. Keith says:

    Just because a pastor did not reconize the alleged sinful behavior does not mean they were not annointed. If God revealed everything about everybody we would wonder who is saved. How do you know if the report of him being on the down-low is true?

  2. Hi Keith, first and foremost we thank you for you questions, but we suggest you re-read our posts for your answers, we gave them to you.
    First, if any man or woman of God is anointed they will know the spirit over any individual, because of God who abides in them.
    God may not reveal everything to us, but He told us in His word, we are to try the spirits. Also, the Brady’s do have somewhat of an anointing, although they are not perfect, because they
    were not going to allow Bishop McDaniel to do whatever he wanted to do in their church, because obviously, they cared about the souls in their ministry to fire him on the spot, as soon as they got a report of his misconduct.
    How do we know the report of him being down low is true? Because Obnoxious tv is a reliable source and also, the Brady’s firing him is enough evidence.

    God bless you and keep reading AT2W.

  3. Rev. Edward C. Ford Sr. says:

    A Man shall reap what he sows. This is a truth that will not change for any of us, however we are admonished by the word to speak the true in Love. It is my prayer that while we espouse our information, we ask God to help us restore those who are weakness in the faith and fall prey to the wilds of the Devil. Reconcilation and restoration is the job of all those who are in Christ. Though we will never water down God’s word or take a compromising view, we must love even as the Lord did. For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. No Title exempts any of us from being attacked by Satan the Devil and his Demons. He is the real enemy of Mankind, this includes Bishop McDaniel. So let us who are strong bare the infirmities of those who are weak, lets we find ourselves ensnared in some worry temptation. Finally, It is my prayer that we hold fast to sound doctrine that is proclaimed in the Holy scriptures while endeavoring to be steadfast in prayer, the study of God’s word, fasting, and fellowship with one other. God Bless!

  4. AT2W Staff says:

    Greetings Rev. Edward Ford, Sr., we agree with you wholeheartedly, regarding Bishop Eric McDaniel, because this scripture is for all of us, ‘Satan comes to steal, kill and to destroy, but God comes that we have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10)’. Therefore, the Devil just hides out to see, which one of God’s children he is going to deceive, next. So, we stand strong in unity, praying against Satan and his demons, because he is not stronger than God. Furthermore, we pray for each member of God’s Kingdom that we all remain strong and ready to oppose any trick that Satan’s tries to bring to any of us. God bless and keep reading our blog.

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