Update:Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Nathaniel Johnson Liposuction Investigation

In our prior article, regarding our opinion of Dr. Nathaniel Johnson III, we discussed the possibility of his hatred for all black women and that is the reason behind his inconsideration for their lives, after causing several of them to almost die and allowing one to actually die.  An Atlanta Realtor, Joycelin Gregory died while undergoing cosmetic surgery at his medical office, after promising her two sons she would return home after the completion of her transformation.

Previously, Dr. Nathaniel Johnson III was an ob/gyn who hired an unlicensed doctor by the name of Jeff Romeas to do surgery on several women, he was punished by the medical board for allowing him to do so.  What we do not understand is this, how could Dr. Johnson now set up his own medical center as a qualified physician for liposuction surgeries, two years after his punishment? We do not like the fact of Atlanta’s support for black men who are devious and do not care about the lives of others.    Atlanta has a history of supporting black men, regardless if they aim to destroy their own kind and it is very sickening.

Now, we have discovered it is a great possibility that Dr. Nathaniel Johnson hates all women, black or white.   There is a white woman who says she endured the same pain as his other victims.  She has just told her story to Atlanta’s Fox News I-Team and it is very scary.  Jean Plant is suing Dr. Johnson for negligence.   Plant says while under care in his medical office, she awoke all alone and in pain.   Who called her when she arrived home, after surgery? The very same fake-doctor Johnson hired when he was an ob-gyn, Jeff Romeas who did the same procedure on Joycelin Gregory the Realtor who died and left two sons behind.  Romeas said he was on his way to Plant’s home to check on her.  Shouldn’t he had been there when she was crying and calling for help at the medical office?

According the the medical examiner, Gregory died of Lidocaine-Toxicity.  Dr. Carman Kavali, a professional plastic surgeon was hired by Joycelin Gregory’s sons to be a witness and expert for their lawsuit against Dr. Nathaniel Johnson.  Dr. Kavali discovered Joycelin Gregory received a deadly dose of Lidocaine, three times more.

Dr. Nathaniel Johnson claimed he did not know why his patients thought Dr. Jeff Romeus was a licensed physician.   That lie right there should land Dr. Johnson behind bars, because he hired Romeus and allowed him to act as though he was a licensed physician, even before the medical board punished him as an ob/gyn, two years prior.  Our suggestion for Dr. Johnson and Romeus’ punishment, they both should spend the rest of their lives in prison without parole or possibility the death penalty.

Watch Jean Plant’s story of Dr. Nathaniel Johnson negligence, here.

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