Bishop Carlton Pearson Steps Down From Christ Universal Temple

Bishop Carlton Pearson Steps Down From Christ Universal Temple

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After almost two years, on Sunday, Bishop Carlton Pearson has resigned from his position as pastor of Christ Universal Temple, which was founded by Johnnie Coleman. Pearson was asked to step down to make room for someone to lead the congregation who is used of the usual teachings taught by Johnnie Coleman.  The majority of the congregation said Pearson lacked theological training to teach their New Thought church.   Of course, Pearson was trying to broadened his Gospel of Inclusion, which claims Muslims, Buddhists and homosexuals will make it into the Kingdom of God.  This was no interest to the congregation of Christ Universal Temple.   They wanted to hear Coleman’s style of teaching and that is the Bible’s principles on healing, positive thinking and meditation.

Bishop Pearson claimed he expanded the church’s capitol by launching a $3.2 million capital expenditure campaign, a television ministry and a live stream of services on the Web.  Pearson also stated,  “All the things that any normal church would want to happen did, I was trying to extend the church message beyond the church walls to an inclusive audience. They want to take the church in a different direction, back to where they were before I got there.”

Bishop Pearson also does not believe in hell or Satan, which is mentioned in God’s Word.

Bishop Pearson obviously knew the agreement before he got his temporary position as pastor of Christ Universal Temple.  It was said over a thousand people rallied against him being the new pastor.   Of course, before Pearson became the pastor, the board of the church knew his agenda of trying to expand his philosophy against God’s Word.   Why didn’t they think it was not wise to give him the position as their pastor? It did not make sense to allow someone who was already offending followers of Christ into their congregation and expect him to instantly give them the sort of teaching they were used to.

Furthermore, we did not think it was very smart for Bishop Pearson to take on a well established church and try to sway their congregation totally under his control, teaching them his philosophy, which was totally against God from the beginning.   The congregation of Christ Universal Temple only wanted to hear how to be motivated through Christ, not following someone who as not of Christ. Like we said before and we will say it again, Carlton Pearson is an arrogant man and he thought he could control the minds of people to follow his false religion, the Gospel of Inclusion and it did not work out that way.    He even had the audacity to show off his family, bring in Gina and his kids like they were going to be the first family to the very end, not so. We also thought it was very strange to see Gina presented among the well established congregation and previously not being noticed much as the first lady, at the small congregation he had left in Tulsa, New Dimensions.   New Dimensions was the offspring of Higher Dimensions, which was a a mega ministry that attracted thousands of Christians all over America and abroad.  However, we were not surprise, because with a big church we suppose she would want to be seen as the first lady, regardless of Pearson going against the Word of God.  Watch the clip here, this was what we showed you in our prior article, Pearson ask Gina and their kids to stand before the congregation as if they are on the road again to becoming popular like in the days of Higher Dimensions and Azusa.   Where was God’s presence when Pearson thought he was coming back big time (which is what he said in the clip)? God’s principles will always dominate over what Satan has created through the words of any man or woman who think they can just add or subtract from His Word?  Bishop Pearson will never be the great man, God intended for him to be, because you cannot succeed in the name of God, teaching a false doctrine.   No man or woman can ever expect to prosper, after offending the true body of Christ, but God first.   So, the wealth Bishop Carlton Pearson thought he would be able to achieve once again did not occur and Gina wanting to be in the position as a prestigious first lady was lost, all because Bishop Pearson turned away from God, in order to raise awareness of his own empire, the Gospel of Inclusion.

Also, we thought is was very strange for Carlton Pearson to cease his small congregation of New Dimensions in Tulsa to take leadership as pastor over an established church in Chicago.  It seemed as though Pearson just wanted to get back his fame and fortune while using a well established church to spread his Gospel of Inclusion.   Maybe, it would have been smart to start from humble beginnings instead of trying to persuade and enforce teachings on Christ Universal Temple’s congregation, which had their own culture led by Minister Johnnie Coleman for many years.  No doubt, New Dimensions would never become like Higher Dimensions, because born again believers all over America appreciated the Word of God being taught in spirit and in truth, not false doctrine. That was a good sign for America to change away from ungodliness, because we saw all races and denominations coming together and worshiping God while honoring memories of Azusa.  However, Pearson thought he could sway true followers of Christ into his belief that did not honor or respect God, instead it pacified sinners to believe what was wrong was right in the eyes of God.

Johnnie Coleman was a woman who built up her own 10 million dollar denomination, the Foundation for Better Living  in 1974.  However, she founded Christ Universal Temple in 1956.  Now, Coleman has retired from her prestigious position as pastor of Christ Universal Temple, but is still honored as founder on the church’s website, here.   Johnnie Coleman was a dynamic self-motivational speaker while teaching God’s Word.

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