Satanic Illuminati: Kanye West Says He Sold His Soul To The Devil

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First and foremost, we would like to ask this question, why is it that Gospel recording artist Yolanda Adams teamed up with Kanye West, claiming that her ‘coolness’ was taken to another level, after performing with him (which was discussed in our prior article, which was revealed on a You Tube video by Tetaun Moffett)?  If you are first, a born again Christian and then, secondly, a gospel artist promoting God’s Word in song, can’t God take you to another level? If you are truly a saved, blood washed Christian, you do not need to partner with children of Satan to become successful. This is the danger of hip hop gospel. There is no division from the world.  Allegedly, Kanye West openly admitted he sold his soul to the Devil and you will see it on a link to the clip, which revealed him admitting his Satanic pride.  On the photo (r.), West is posing with Jay-Z doing a Satanic and Occult hand symbol.

Kanye West, the son of an English college professor, Donda West who was employed at Chicago State University and his father, Ray West was a member of the Black Panther Party who earned two master’s degrees and became an award winning photojournalist and counselor.  Kanye’s parents divorced when he was 3 years old.  However, Kanye spent summer vacations with his father in Maryland and both parents remained very involved in their child’s life.  Okay, a lot of children witness divorce, but there is no excuse for selling your soul to the Devil. Life is hard for a lot of kids.  Allegedly, it has been said Kanye West sacrificed his mother, just so he could further his music career and she was his music manager.  Now, we got this information from this source, here at 8:31, we do not know how true it is. Kanye West seemed to break down on stage during his first performance, after his mother’s death, but of course, anyone would cry after losing someone close to them, no matter how they died.  Now, how the author of that video knows about the blood sacrifice, we do not know, but supposedly, this is what is going on in the music industry and a lot of African Americans are selling their souls to the Devil at any cost to avoid poverty.  However, it is very strange that Kanye admitted he sold his soul to the Devil and he even brags that he does not have to risk losing his home or not getting a record deal, because of it.

There is no more pride of witnessing success for most African Americans, because they most likely took a demonic route to become a household name.  Do your research of famous African Americans involved with the Satanic Illuminati and do not be surprised who they are. Therefore, they are your politicians, entertainers, professors and even preachers who supposedly are men and women of God.   No longer can you teach your kids to respect music artists like Kanye West or any other famous person of any race of any industry.   You must be very careful who you allow your children to listen to and we are not just speaking of secular music artists, we are also speaking of gospel music artists who have collaborated with hip hop music artists like Kanye West.   If they support artists who have supposedly sold their soul to the Devil, then they should not be honored as Psalmists of the Most High God, but discreet Satanic worshipers who are only carrying the label as a gospel artist to try and fool Jesus Christ, but no man or woman can fool Him.   Jesus Christ knows the heart of each and every so-call man or woman who sings gospel music and just because he or she claims to be a born again believer that does not make it okay to collaborate with people like Kanye West.

Truth is, after this life, we have a place to go and we better make sure we do what is right and avoid what is wrong, so we can make it to heaven to be with Jesus Christ, because if we sell or souls to make money or even collaborate with those who have sold their souls to the Devil, we will be in hell with Satan and all of his demons, eternally.

See video of Kanye West mentioning he sold his soul to the Devil, right here.  Also, you will hear this author of this video mention West wanted to make money like Jay-Z and did what was necessary for him to earn his sort of finance.  Also, look at this video that represents his involvement with the Satanic Illuminati, Freemasons, right here.

Listen to AT2W Podcast Episode 2

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4 Responses to “Satanic Illuminati: Kanye West Says He Sold His Soul To The Devil”

  1. M.D. says:

    That is a song that was leaked in late 2010 and later sold to/collaborated on by snoop dogg, released on his album earlier this year, I forget the name of the album. It is just Art, hes conveying an emotion, not the literal truth. The original version is really strong and begins with the lyrics “I sold my soul to the devil thats a crappy deal, least it came with a few toys like a happy meal”. Im pretty sure hes making a statement about consumerism and losing your way, not glamorizing devil worship. You guys are oversimplifying and literalizing art. Just saying

  2. M.D. says:

    That being said, I dont believe Kanye believes in a traditional christian idea of religion anymore, and thats ok too. Many of the biblical stories are antiquated and serve a better purpose as a book of morals and fables than an actual literal belief system. Im not a nihilist and definitely believe in right and wrong, but everyone needs to find their own existential truth and if christianity is your truth then that is beautiful thing, but it is just as beautiful to find your truth in nature and your own moral compass. Give love and receive love everyone, look deep in yourself and into the people next to you, and then try to look deeply into someone with a completely different belief system, you’ll be a stronger person for it.

  3. AT2W Staff says:

    Thanks M.D. for commenting! Though we appreciate your thoughts, we and many others who have followed and studied the ills and doings of mind control, free masonry and the Illuminati can see the messages coming through the music and commercialization. This is what entertainers are involved in whether they know it or not. It is the label’s intent to do something different but display in many ways the world of evil. I don’t think we are over-simplifying the matter. We do deal with things on a Christian level so that will be our response according to Christian beliefs.

  4. AT2W Staff says:

    He may have is own beliefs but many people are influenced by his music, videos and follow him. And because we belief Christ is the way and only way, many of his actions are not going leading his fans down the right path. We are all responsible for doing so with everyone we meet. Having a craft or gift is not just for our own pleasures but it should be an example of whom gave us breath.

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