Satanic Illuminati: Idolatry in Mega Ministries

Since fame and fortune has been the focused of ministry over the past 20 years, there is a spirit if idolatry in mega ministries.  Where does it come from? It comes from the connection these wealthy ministers have with the Satanic Illuminati.  In prior articles, we revealed famous preachers who have a connection with this secret society and we know their affiliation by them revealing Satanic hand symbols of the Devil’s horn, Corna and possibly more. Idol worship is to be expected in today’s average mega ministry, simply because among today clergy, there has not been a thirst for righteousness, but a strong will to serve Satan for fame and fortune.   Therefore, these Satanic ministers are standing before thousands of people claiming to true messengers of Christ, but they are disguised Devil worshipers while taking God’s glory.

If you have noticed there are not many mega churches with a cross, if they have one, it is not the focus, it is a very small one.   Famous ministries tend to reveal the initial of their first name and it is often seen on the podium as he or she speaks and while on stage at conferences as they are seen as the superstar before thousands of people.   Jesus is the only superstar in His Kingdom, no man or woman. For instance, at Paula White’s conferences, people attend as though they are eager for the Word of God, but the popularity of her name is what draws a crowd and her name is the theme of her conferences, revealing her name on a podium as though she is lecturing as a motivational speaker, not a minister of God’s Word.  She is idolized, because she expects it to be that way.   However, we have never caught Paula White doing any Satanic hand symbols, but-she has very close ties to Benny Hinn who has revealed the Corna hand symbol, as seen in the first photo above.  Also, she was caught on camera in London, spending leisure time with him, as we mentioned in our prior article.

The name of Jesus or God is not the theme of a lot these mega ministries’ events, in the past 20 years, it has been idolatry of the minister, hip hop gospel artists or more focused on prosperity .   This is what you call a corporate ministry, which was not popular before the 1990’s, before that particular era,there was no such a thing as mega ministries.  The Pentecostal church of any denomination was about complete deliverance and living holy.

There are various famous mega ministries who have chosen the globe over the cross and it reveals their connection with The New World Order, which is a one-world government ruled by a group of elite conspirators who aim to have control over each and every human being.   They have no love, honor and respect for God, because they see themselves as god.  Now, although God maybe sometimes mentioned in their sermons, but He is not who they really are serving, a lot of these ministers are Satanic worshipers who financially support themselves, their family and others who idolize them in their corporate ministry by their affiliation with the Satanic Illuminati.

If these ministers do not stop the satanic demon of idolatry, they are going to have to answer to God.   Allegedly, many of these ministers have sold their souls to the Devil and have no concern about what God thinks about their stardom and the people who idolize them.   Regular followers of these big shot names have dedicated their full focus on these famous ministers and have became in full submission as idolaters.  God is not pleased and time is coming to an end. Many people are looking to these famous ministers to give them answers for their lives and these ministers have gotten rich off of selling a solution through conferences, instead of having revivals, so people will know that Jesus is the center of this universe.

Look to God to give you an answer and clear direction for your life, do not get caught up in the idolatry of these mega ministries, beware, many of them are a part of the Satanic Illuminati. Be very sure you are not an idol worshiper.  Do not focus on these famous ministers, but only focus on God.

If you are serious about being completely holy and would like to know why it is so very important  for us to be completely honest with you, then please listen to Minister Mary K. Baxter’s testimony of how Jesus took her to hell for 30 nights.  Mary K. Baxter not only witnessed the cries of sinners, but also ministers of God’s Word who refused to preach the full truth in order to gain popularity, instead of winning souls to Christ.  Immediately, take heed to Mary K. Baxter’s testimony, you  can watch Minister Baxter or listen here).

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