Scam Alert: Pastor Rod Parsley Needs $1.6 Billion to Save Ministry!

Scam Alert: Pastor Rod Parsley Needs $1.6 Billion to Save Ministry!

Can you believe what you just read?? We almost couldn’t believe it ourselves. Well, let’s tell you how we got a hold of this one. One of our journalists was actually flipping the channel of their television and almost skipped by a ministry infomercial; so they thought they would stop and see what was going on with this Pastor Rod Parsley.

So, low and behold another Scam Alert in our faces!! Rod Parsley was talking up this ‘financial crisis’ he calls it. He stated on the tube that he will lose his ministry if  he does not get- $1.6 BILLION Dollars!! WHAT??? Come on now, who on this earth needs over $1 Billion dollars to keep any ministry running? Even some of the biggest ones out couldn’t possibly need that much to pay the bills.

So we visited the website at: Rod and found what was true on the t.v set, was even bigger on the internet. Here’s what the website says:

Financial Crisis
Satan threatens to destroy my ministry to YOU!
The devil has struck fear into people’s hearts — they’re afraid to trust God, afraid to give — so today we’re facing a $1.6 million shortfall — It’s jeopardizing every aspect of our ministry — including bringing our
Breakthrough television programs to YOU! I need your help NOW — please give a generous online contribution — to help KEEP BREAKTHROUGH ON THE AIR!

Pastor Rod Parsley has stated in his own words that Satan has put fear in the hearts of believers, the church and the like and this is why they don’t give like they did once before? He says they are afraid to trust God and its jeopardizing every aspect of his ministry? Really?? What it really sounds like Sir Rod is this: People are still recovering from or still affected by the recession. They are not going to pay you thousands of dollars per week or month to the church and they can’t pay their mortgage. People are not going to lose their homes, cars, and everything they worked for to fund the church. Some people have already lost everything and where there is no money for necessities, people CAN NOT help fund the church. Its as simple as that.

Satan does not have a thing to do with this. The only thing is people will not give what they don’t have. Also, people are realizing that giving and praying for financial blessings don’t work all of the time when they have been suffering for so long. Has anyone ever thought that this “prosperity” preaching and teaching is just to lace the pastor’s pockets? I’m sure they have and maybe that is another reason why they won’t give anymore. How can they become financial prosperous under a ministry of greed?

Back to his website and his request for your money! When you click onto the link, this is what is stated to hook you in:

Give $50 or more…$1.6 million shortfall could take our television ministry off the air — DON’T LET IT HAPPEN

Satan HATES the preaching of the Cross — because it means POWER for YOU … BLESSING for YOU!

He used the recession to scare people — many stopped trusting God, stopped giving — our ministry has been hard-hit by this trick of the enemy.

Your generous online donation right now will help preserve the preaching of the Cross — help us stay on the air — so that the Power of the Cross can continue to be YOURS.

What’s so funny is he speaks so much about the ‘Power of the Cross” as if he preaches it. From our research, Pastor Rod Parsley preaches whatever will get the money in the door. He will make you think he preaches the cross but he’s like many others that just WANT YOUR MONEY!

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if some of these churches would close down. Some of them are leaching the church members dry. But the worst part about it is: today’s modern church is not in the business of helping you receive money; its only in the business of you giving to them. When you need a helping hand, you get turned down at the door of a church like this, after you have tithed  tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Then, you have to go to a small organization that can’t give you hardly anything because everyone and their mother needs help too!

BTW, Pastor Rod Parsley has claimed the same thing that his ministry was in a financial crisis this time last year. He was pleading the same issues; the only difference is he’s asking for billions this year!! Check it out here.

Please to anyone reading this that doesn’t know by now:

STOP FUNDING THE PASTOR’S LIFESTYLE AND FIND A CHURCH that truly preaches truth and not greed!

You’ve just read: Scam Alert: Pastor Rod Parsley Needs $1.6 Billion to Save Ministry!

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2 Responses to “Scam Alert: Pastor Rod Parsley Needs $1.6 Billion to Save Ministry!”

  1. Naomi Storey says:

    I have watched all of these TV preachers/evangelists begging for money. Not only that, we are inundated with mail, telephone calls and E-Mails from every Christian and non-Christian charity in the US.

    We do support those who are primarily building churches in other countries.

    What I don’t understand is why and how these TV preachers can justify their extravagant lifestyles when they are getting support from poor widows who are living on Social Security. Even the people support them feel like their favorite TV preacher/evangelist should have multi-million dollar houses, jets, luxury vehicles, luxury hotels, restaurants, etc. They are not CEOs of for-profit corporations.

    Are any of these ministries actually helping anyone?

  2. Robert says:

    You need to change the article title because that preacher did not say he needed 1.6 Billion. He said the ministry had a 1.6 “Million” shortfall. The article poster even included that quote from Rod Parsley ministries own website. That is a deceptive article title to say the least.

    You have that article title in all caps text with 1.6 BILLION in the title. Do you folks even proof read what you write in article? I guess not.

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