Will Investigators Ever Find Who Killed Choir Director, Donald Young?

Will Investigators Ever Find Who Killed Choir Director, Donald Young?

The 47-year-old school teacher and talented choir director of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ was murdered and so was another young gay man, Larry Bland who was an openly gay man and a member of the same church.  It has been over 3 years since these two gay men have been dead and our journalists have been discussing what could be the reason behind the Chicago Police Department not finding the killer responsible for Young’s murder which occurred on December 23, 2007.  Bland’s murder was on November 17, 2007. They both were execution style. Regardless of our staff’s opposition to homosexuality, it is wrong to murder anybody for any reason. Furthermore, we would acknowledge that Jesus Christ is against murder just like homosexuality and although, one must live right and do things pleasing in the sight of God in order for His protection, we still feel it is our responsibility to discuss this case of these two suspicious murders, since Larry Sinclair claims, he spoke to Donald Young who feared for his life.  Read about who Larry Sinclair is and why he is important to this case.

We have seen on this same site that mentions Larry Sinclair, there are also two death certificates that reveal the same exact cause of death.  This is very disturbing, because both gay victims were not just murdered approximately a month a part, but the same sort of murder occurred and strong suspicion of the intent of these murders is very scary and should not be ignored.

Now, we are not looking at who Larry Sinclair is pointing the finger at for these murders. All we are doing is opening up this case just to discuss what Donald Young confessed to Larry Sinclair before he died, because the truth is, when Sinclair took the lie detector test, the results proved he could not be trusted and there was no definite fact of his accusation.  However, we still desire to know who killed Donald Young and Larry Bland?

Norma Jean Young, 76, the mother of Donald Young supposedly spoke with The Globe tabloid saying she fears for her life.  Norma Jean Young worked for the Chicago Police Department and thinks they are covering up who may have murdered her son.  Norma Jean Young said in The Globe, “I do believe they are shielding somebody or covering up or protecting someone.”  It was also mentioned that the Chicago Police have informed her life is in danger, so now she plans to cease Peoria, Illinois.

We pray for Norma Jean Young for God’s protection on her life and we pray God gives her ultimate peace of mind as the angels surround her every where she goes.  Read more about Norma Jean Young here.  We also trust and believe God will intervene and reveal who killed her son, including Larry Bland.

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“I do believe they are shielding somebody or protecting someone.”