Satanic Illuminati Caught On Video: Mary J. Blige

This You Tube of Mary J. Blige’s music video caught our attention.  We did not think Mary J. Blige would sell out, after claiming she was a born again believer on national television.  She was even married by well-known pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center, Apostle K. C. Price.  However, we realize you must completely separate from the world as a child of God, but she never did so; Mary J. Blige continued to be a secular artist, so it does not surprise us that she would go as far as the secular world expects.  Allegedly, this video reveals Mary J. Blige possessed by the Devil as symbols of the Satanic Illuminati are revealed throughout the video.  We repeatedly watched this video one of our journalists happened to find and it shows a very weird side of Mary J. Blige unfamiliar to us.

We took our time to see what the creator of this video was actually revealing to viewers and it was nothing nice.   The video caption of Mary J. Blige’s music video with Drake is merged is after Jay-Z music video.   We knew this video was onto something, because we have seen Drake doing Illuminati hand signals and realized the reason behind Mary J. Blige collaborating with him.

Another thing, Mary J. Blige did the famous song by Led Zeppelin, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on Oprah, the song is known for Satanic lyrics when played backwards, see here, you’ll see the song praises Satan.

Back to our discovery of Mary J. Blige allegedly being involved with the Satanic Illuminati revealed on this video, we saw Satanic symbols all around her as it was explained what they meant, see it here.  Our opinion, her testimony regarding her friends turning there back on her when she found Christ is something of the past. Like we mentioned before, you must completely stop doing what you are doing to reveal the light of Jesus Christ. But no- she went further and no doubt those friends who thought she was a born again believer returned and possibly more.  However, once you sell your soul to the Devil, he will make you think you have real friends, because you have become a follower and in the end, Satan has your soul.

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