Illuminati Alert: Jay-Z (Hova) Defaces Jesus on T-Shirt

Illuminati Alert: Jay-Z (Hova) Defaces Jesus on T-Shirt

Here we go! We were given this photo by a AT2W reader today and it is very disturbing. Paparazzi have taken pictures of the popular hip hop duo Jay-Z and Beyonce while they vacation in Australia and reveals the image on his t-shirt. The shirt has an image of Jesus and the color of his face is red (like the devil).

Also the main thing about this image of a so called ‘Jesus’ is the writing on the bottom says ‘Lord’ but the writing across his face makes him look evil as well as his eyes. Sources say its a Givenchy “Jesus is Lord” t shirt, but where does it purely represent our Jesus as Lord?

He has the nerve to sport an image of Jesus as red as fire in hell and an evil face that looks more like the devil himself. Why is he wearing this anyway? He couldn’t possibly think people don’t know he’s an Illuminatist? Or maybe he’s sending a message?

We researched some forums on this and one person said it best at

Umm that may “just” be the antichrist but rockin the LORDS NAME ON TOP OF IT IS NOT ONLY BEYOND IGNORANT AND SINFUL BUT ITS BLASPHMING GOD AND THE LORDS NAME AT ITS GREATEST. and if rockin such a shirt isnt confirmation enough that that idiot doesnt believe in God then theres really nothin else that fool can do to show the world hes an athiest and has zero respect for God.

You see, some people recognize evil for what it is and others just make excuses for people they don’t even know.

To us, it appears like he’s wanting to deface and blaspheme Jesus by allowing the evil spirit he worships degrade Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ will never lose His power nor the holy spirit. So He can’t be degraded nor defaced no matter who tries.

Well, unfortunately Jay (Hova) may be the messiah of hip hop, but he is not our Messiah and didn’t die on the cross to save us from our sins.

It’s pretty evident that this is evil and what do we expect from hip hop anyway? And we allow this in gospel music today? And our children follow this man and his music along with his sidekick Beyonce?

It’s a shame she is still deluded because she came from the church, so she knows the truth, we guess. I guess the money looked too good to refuse. The only thing is: though she has these riches and fame, it means nothing when we close our eyes.

We better wake up and stop allowing people to inject our children and ourselves with this spirit straight from the pit.

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