Why Did Bishop Clarence McClendon Take on The Sammy Sosa Syndrome?

When we mention the Sammy Sosa syndrome, we are not just speaking of skin complexion and lightening of the skin, but we are also speaking of personality.  Bishop Clarence McClendon is a black man who seems to have Hispanic spirit trapped inside of him and it is not just because he has been married to two Latino women, we feel it is because he wants to be anything other than black and has become obsessed with speaking, acting and even taking on the look similar to a Latino man.  Bishop Clarence McClendon has a big ego and is known for being extremely arrogant while preaching before his flock or any other congregation at other ministries.   It is so sad that the Sammy Sosa syndrome has even gotten in God’s House, black people do not even want to be how God created them to be.

We have studied various photos of Bishop Clarence McClendon, but the Sammy Sosa syndrome is so sickening, we did not want to reveal his different shades to you, you will have to do research on your own time.   Over the years, Bishop McClendon has been a pastor over a multi-cultural audience, mainly Latinos and African Americans; however, it seems like since he broke up with his first wife, he has mostly a black congregation, although we still see Latinos.  Many African American church members have remained dedicated to their pastor, although he has revealed in a silent way, it is ugly to be black, it is sort of similar to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson who lightened his skin and changed his features.  Why must this sickening mentality be among the family of God?   It is sick and very obvious every time we have seen this bishop.

Bishop Clarence McClendon seems to be very conceited and never have any of our journalists felt he was a humble man while he makes sure to preach God’s Word with his Sammy Sosa syndrome.   How does God feel about these sort of African Americans who hate how they were created, especially when they are ministers preaching His Gospel?  This spirit of acting like something you are not is abnormal and it is an ancient demon within the African American race.

In case you are wondering who is Sammy Sosa, he is a famous baseball player who honestly admitted he lightened his skin with bleaching cream.

Photo courtesy of lipstickalley.com

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8 Responses to “Why Did Bishop Clarence McClendon Take on The Sammy Sosa Syndrome?”

  1. SeeSay says:

    My problem is not with his racial identity but with the way he spins and twist the bible to make it all about paying the Lord for his free blessings because of the payment Jesus made we can go to God in the name of Jesus for free. This Pastor has had wives? The bible said a Bishop should have one wife. I also read somewhere about not committing Adultery, which his first wife accused him of. This man is only popular with TBN because he is a good speaker and con. He raises money by selling Jesus (out). Read what Jesus did to the Merchants selling in His Father’s House, he drove them out by making cords into whips.

  2. Yes, we agree with you that Bishop McClendon has not been properly representing the body of Christ. He is a false prophet and seeks to raise money
    to serve TBN, he is not doing it to please God. Clarence McClendon is a very conceited false prophet and if he does not get his heart right, God is going
    to rebuke him in His own time.
    We also agree that this man’s adultery is proof he has no business in the pulpit. God bless you and keep reading AT2W blog.

  3. cryssie says:

    I remember watching Bishop McClendon way back in the 90’s and found Him to be an anointed preacher and prophet. After a while he was no longer on t.v. I found out later he supposedly cheated on his first wife and left her for his mistress and second wife Priscilla Delgado. I have also heard he fathered children with other women her were black (light skinned) in his congregation. If this is true- why is it black women are good enough to sleep with and impregnate but not to marry.? I don’t know how his second marriage is panning out but I’ve also heard he cheats on his new wife as well! Somebody with the details please Holla Back!

  4. Martha Paskins says:

    Clarence McClendon’s critical analysis of Sammy Sosa was maybe a reflection of himself, as the man in the mirror. Fake and in need of some psychotherapy! And don’t forget his conceited, false prophet TBN sidekick, Jamal Bryant. How anyone can tolerate listening to them and following their ministries is beyond me. They are self-inflated bags of wind! I do support Christian television/broadcast that propagates the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ, but when I see these two begin their beg-a-thons on TBN, I immediately change the channel.

  5. We agree, Martha. Many of the ministers that go on TBN are really full of something and seemingly not much of God per se. Bishop McClendon is very arrogant and a false prophet is a understatement. One of our journalists saw him on TBN raising funds for their ‘Praise-a-Thon’ years ago and he tried to convince people to pledge using their credit cards that may not have funds on it. A crook indeed!!

  6. Angela Williams says:

    I Timothy 3:2, says a Bishop should be the husband of one wife, not two and his concubines in modern terms adulterers. It appears that both men Clarence E. McClendon and Jamal Bryant both must take some time to make sure they understand the word applies to all creation and that they too are created beings. Now unfortunately sometimes church people support out of ignorance and faithfulness to the wrong thing. We are to be faithful to God and His word. I will not refer to men who call themselves Bishops out of error and ego. I will recognize men like Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, Eddie Long needs to drop the title Bishop and all these individuals need to be set down until God says it is time for them to come back on the scene. Joseph went through much innocently and when he finished his tests there was no arrogance, conceitedness, vengeance in him. We must be different from the world and remain constant to the WORD of God and read it and interpret it for what God purposed. Clarence should consider stepping down for a season, Eddie, Jamal and many others for a time of correction, deliverance and healing and once restored, see what the plan of God is for their lives is in that season. We must pray and we must understand and see the truth as it is, and not be manipulated by the anointing on those who have learned to prostitute the gospel. God forbid, mercy Lord, and help us all to be truly redeemed and changed for Your good Lord and for the work of Your Kingdom sweet Jesus.

  7. AT2W Staff says:

    Amen, it’s time for us to now see some real men of God, preaching God’s Word, there is too much sin coming from the pulpit. Let us now pray for God to sit them down, you know He can do it, but we must come together and pray for it to happen. There is such a thing as true children of God, praying against these demonic forces taking over God’s ministry. Amen dear sister, you sure told the truth. God bless and remain strong in Him.

  8. Tonia says:

    This guy is an embarrassment to the black community…….ashamed of being black?…………where has he been under a rock?…black folks are the best out there …dude wake up. Maybe he should have been invited to f.l michelle obama party this weekend …..black pride is needed..

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