Satanic Illuminati Preachers: Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis

Satanic Illuminati Preachers: Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis

Here are two more preachers of mega ministries who think their Satan worship is a secret within the church world, not so. We come to educate you about what they are doing to be able to live the lavish lifestyle of wealth like most celebrities who reveal the same Satanic Corna hand signs.  In prior articles, we revealed the video that reveals who has been so bold to give Satan honor in the media, both black and white people.   Yes, it is true what Michael Jackson said, it sure does not matter if you are black or white, and we have added, if your soul is not right with Christ, you are definitely on your way to hell, black, white or any other race.

Have you ever wondered why Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis and all of these other ministries have been left alone and no one has put their millions of dollars under suspicion? It is simply because they decided to sell their souls to the Devil, so they would leave them alone.   As you can see, lately no one has harassed any of these famous preachers, because of their wealth.  It is so clear, now that we have seen these photos and the following videos that captures them boldly revealing Satanic hands signs to honor their true master, Satan who is the ruler of their lives.   These ministers are not worshipers of God, they are indeed false prophets.

No wonder Benny Hinn’s wife divorced him, he is involved in witchcraft and God is not pleased.  Poor ex-wife probably was holding this secret for a long time and did not know how to deal with it.   I am sure when you find out your spouse has not only cheated on you, but also became a Satan worshiper, God understands divorce.   Just a reminder, Hinn and Paula White were both spotted in London, together, just the thought of it, is nasty and you can guess what they did while God was watching them both.  No excuse, just because Paula White’s husband is sick with an unknown illness and Suzanne was finished Benny Hinn’s dirt, God is not pleased and just give time time, the end will not be a pretty picture, because there is severe punishment for all hypocrites who stand before people and claim their are messengers sent from God.  They both have not only committed adultery, but fornication. 

Jesse Duplantis is the preacher known to always keep folks laughing in front of his audience, especially black folks who generously gives their hard earned money to he and his wife Cathy.  Look to the right, this is the same photo shown on this following video like the photo above of Benny Hinn.    Jesse Duplantis is trying to be slick like Benny Hinn, because he knows a lot of born again believers are not educated about the Illuminati and the history of famous television preachers who are involved with this organization, which is the same society that celebrities belong to and this is why people like Jakes and Long have allowed hip-hop in their churches among many other international ministries.  If you have always felt Duplantis was the most funniest man, you better think again, this information is not funny.

This entire video reveals these two ministers along with two other ones upholding their signal to Satan that is an unholy trinity, the opposite of the holy trinity, the Corna hand signal.  Here it is again, as you have seen on the prior articles: video.

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  1. Kingdom says:

    Not sure about Jesse, but I can see it with Benny. Whenever folks become gods God makes himself none. Remember in 1Samuel when the Ark was in the same Temple as the God Dagon? They came in the next morning and the god was broken into pieces. That’s what God will do with these God’s. Believe what I tell you.

  2. AllysonRoseChandler says:

    After looking at Your examples of big name preachers who make demonic gestures openly, speak to Satan during their services, while bilking well meaning believers out of billions of dollars. And live a life as grossly excessive as rock stars.

    I took another look at the photo I have of Paul Wilbur, Messianic Praise and Worship Minister with his hand configured in what is very close to a Satan hand signal. I say it is “close” because his index and little fingers are making the “horned satan” gesture, however, his two middle fingers that are turned down to his palm do not touch his thumb which is extended straight out, rather than drawn in to the two middle fingers.

    It is still chilling to see!

    I am trying to go through his videos to see if there are more blatant signals or this is the only example. This is kind of fuzzy, yet I don’t see how it could be made accidentally. And I am researching his life style to see if any other signs…

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