Satanic Illuminati Hip Hop Gospel Artists Mary Mary Reach Stardom With L. L. Kool J

Satanic Illuminati Hip Hop Gospel Artists Mary Mary Reach Stardom With L. L. Kool J

Although, we realize Mary Mary were very popular before teaming up with L. L. Cool J, we also agree they did not make as much money as they are now, millions of dollars.   We were not surprise when one of our journalists came across this video on You Tube, which reveals just how deep they are involved with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, discreet Satan worshipers, allegedly.  That’s right, whenever, you see someone affiliate themselves with someone who has boldly revealed the Corna hand signal (a signal to Satan, their god), they have sold their souls to the Devil.   Now, we are just going by what we have seen on this video and it is a disgraced how far the gospel music industry has went and how willing gospel artists are, to come in agreement with demonic forces to make a profit.

After see this video with Mary Mary and L. L. Cool J at the gospel celebration on BET, it was not shocking to us, but very scary to think about how God feels how far gospel artists are going, they are so willing to hang with the world that makes the same kind of music for fame and fortune.   When you see this video 2 of 4, you will notice L. L. Kool J throwing up the Satanic Corna hand signal and this video reveals that Satan worshipers wear all black.  Now, we saw L. L. Cool J the only one revealing the Corna hand signal, not necessarily Mary Mary, but the fact of them teaming up with him, informs us of their discreet connection with the Satanic occult.   We cannot help but wonder how many more gospel artists are involved in this new age of discreet Christians who are really Satan worshipers.  Allegedly, we have seen Kirk Franklin revealing Satanic hands, but we feel there are possibly many more.   Think about it, when you watch this following video, why would all of these gospel artists be out in the audience supporting this event.  If you are truly holy, you would walk out and make a wise decision to separate yourself from the rest of the gospel artists who support discreet Satanic worshipers.  It is wrong and each and every one of them will one day have to stand before God and give an account.  I’m sure if you have been following our blog, you are familiar with the testimony of Mary K. Baxter who went to hell with Jesus and saw a lot of people who were suppose to be born again believers pleading for Jesus to release them, but he refused, because he said they did not do everything he told them to do in His Word.

What is so sad about Mary Mary is, they have also teamed up with T. I. and a lot more worldly music artists.  God is not pleased with hypocrites.
Watch the video and other series of Mary Mary and L. L. Cool J here and really observe what they are showing you.

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