Does Patti Labelle Have a Secret Attraction? [VIDEOS EXPOSED]

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Does Patti Labelle Have a Secret Attraction? [VIDEOS EXPOSED]


Now, we know you are all saying, “What type of attraction are you talking about?” Well, we totally understand, but please bare with us because it was a surprising to us. But you know how we are. We always tell the truth and when others won’t tackle the truth, we certainly will.

But one thing must be made clear: This was a hard article to do. The reason why it was hard to do is because we have always loved Miss Patti Labelle since we were kids. She was one of the best female soul artists ever!! We respect her and honor her for her contribution to real soul music and giving all of us her real self when she sings. This, we can not deny, that she has made a huge impact on us and the world.

Patti Labelle’s Pro Gay Views Reveals a Hypocritical Christian [Part 2]

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With that being said, we have to admit we did some soul searching before we decided to write on this subject about her. We never thought we would have a negative thought about her but we have realized that this has to be told. It hurts to do so but we must tell the truth about what we know is wrong. We, as people don’t always want to hear the truth, but how can we truly change and honor God, if we deny what is real?

So we had this on our minds but never thought we’d tackle it until now. We were pushed to the edge and our spirits would not let it go, so here goes: WE HAVE TO EXPOSE PATTI LABELLE’S ATTRACTION TO WOMEN! Let’s make this clear, this is not gossip. We grabbled dealing with this because we are not trying to taint her image, but it is, what it is.

So, where did we get the notion that Patti Labelle likes women? Well, you can rest assure that we have references to back this up- just wait and see.

Now, like we said, we respect her for the work she has done, but this is our issue: because she is such an iconic figure in the R&B and soul music arena, she may be using that attraction to entice younger black females. You see, Patti Labelle has earned herself a title as “Mama Patti” as many call her like Fantasia Barrino and Kelly Rowland. She is a role model to every black female soul singers and they all love her. She’s even called many of them her daughters. Every woman is honored to share the stage with her or even speak to her. We can all understand that but there’s more to this story.

We said earlier that Patti Labelle may be using her iconic status to entice younger black females because we have seen it in videos of concerts, award shows and interviews.

patti labelle kiss fantasia

Patti Labelle’s Pro Gay Views Reveals a Hypocritical Christian [Part 2]

We first saw it in Fantasia’s tribute to Patti Labelle at “An Evening of the Stars” when Fantasia sang Patti’s song “Lady Marmalade.”

In the video below, you can see Fantasia walking down off the stage while singing as she makes her way over to Patti’s seat. As they meet, Patti initiates a ‘kiss’ on the lips and then their lips meet.

But what’s more, is how Fantasia is suddenly electrified by the ‘kiss’ and as she continues the song she caresses the side Patti’s face in a seductive way.

Also listen to the lyrics she sings as she seductively sings to Patti.

Start the video at 1:55 and see what we saw.

Secondly here’s a video of Patti Labelle at a concert. She invites R&B singer Ledisi onto the stage calling her ‘baby’ and ‘darling’. Again, she initiates the ‘kiss’ on the lips and just as Fantasia was totally thrilled by it, Ledisi is ‘wowed’ by it the same manner. (Also see how Ledisi really is thrilled as they kiss some more at the end of the video and yells with excitement).

Start at the beginning of the video and then towards the end you will see more.




Ok, now some may think ‘oh that’s nothing’ but watch this one. This video is an interview with Patti Labelle and Kandi Buruss of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’. If you watch the video you will see how Patti and Kandi are holding hands throughout the whole video. Then see how Kandi reaches into her bra to let the caller know she didn’t get any ‘work done ‘ on her breasts. Following that Patti pats Kandi’s breast then later really squeezes it to see if they really are real or not.

Check it out! Start the video at 5:40 and watch for a minute or two and see for yourself




Ok, so now you see for yourself what we were saying. What’s so bad is Patti Labelle seems to always be around women and young black women at that. At first we thought that she was just being a role model, but she appears to be getting some thrill off this and the young women definitely love this attention. Patti appears to have a preference in the type of woman she likes. They all appear to be young and dark skinned. We first thought she liked only the ones that could really ‘blow’ like her but not the case with Kandi. Sorry, its the truth. We say this because she invited Chrisette Michelle on stage as well and they only hugged. Maybe Chrisette won’t go for that. Who knows?

The young women seem as though they are like excited fans of Patti’s but what does this lead up to? Sexual attraction comes from all angles and allures anyone who will let it in.

You know, the world always talks about how gay men or men who happen to prey on young boys sexually, but you never hear about how women do the same to girls. Yes, it does exist but people just don’t deal with that reality. We can see how Ms. Patti is an influence on young black women in the music industry but if she is getting her kicks off on this and trying the ‘get with’ these women she needs to stop it now! Its really not right and for anyone that has enjoyed her music like many of her fans have, its disappointing to see.

Now, many may say we are just finding something to talk about. No, that  is not the case. This is an issue in the black race and its never discussed when it comes to women being involved. Its pretty clear what Patti Labelle is doing and we as righteous individuals have to see it for what it is. Just because almost every form of media allows nudity, perversion and profanity in some form or fashion, doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden alright to do. When we didn’t see same sex relations on television 15 to 20 years ago, it was for a reason. Society and the producers of mainstream media had respect and honor for morals and values. Its obvious all of those have been flushed down the toilet.

Now, you can see anyone and their mother expose their ‘lifestyles’ and desires for the world to see because now ‘we’ all accept it? There was a time when we did not care nor want to know about what people do in their bedrooms. Now, everyone displays it all for the world to see and approves it!

So, Patti Labelle is just one of many that now want to expose their sexuality to the world. And though these young women are old enough to know what’s up, Patti is more responsible because of her influence. Oh, we know she’ll never admit it but her public little innuendos are quite transparent and we were not afraid to tackle the real issue.

Patti Labelle’s Pro Gay Views Reveals a Hypocritical Christian [Part 2]

More video proof with Patti singing with women:

(Serenading Mariah Carey)

(Touches Wendy Williams’ Breast)