Illuminati Ministries:Pat Roberts of 700 Club and Kenneth Copeland Are Satanists

One of our head journalists discovered this following video on You Tube. But before we reveal the link to you, we want to inform you why you should not be following these millionaire preachers or TV hosts of mega ministries. It is a great possibility that they are followers of other ministers who sold their souls to the Devil and are not followers of Jesus Christ.  These two ministers have been perpetrating for years as if they are spirit-filled Christians.  Long time television producer and host of the Christian Broadcasting Network, (CBN), The 700 Club, Pat Robertson even denied he ever spoke in tongues (denial of being filled with the spirit) when he ran for President back in the 1980’s.  Kenneth Copeland and his wife, Gloria seemed as though they are truly saved through Jesus Christ, but look at what you will see on this video, Kenneth showing the Satanic horn in the camera. What a shame! He’s not saved but he is a child of Satan.

This is why you have to be very careful who you follow,.You never know who is discreetly serving Satan for money while acting as though they are servants of God Almighty, especially since no cross can be seen in any of these ministries. They have the globe as possibly the sign of the NWO (New World Order).

Pat Robertson will have to give account when he stands before Christ on judgment day, because he has shown enumerable testimonies of what God can do in a person’s life and by discreetly serving the Devil, he will eternally be in hell with Satan and all of his demons, if he does not repent. You see, he thinks because of the type of television show he has, he will be excused, but not so. The Word of God tells us we are without excuse.  Pat Robertson also denied that he ever was filled with the Holy Spirit, that is, speaking with unknown tongues as mentioned above.  God has given this man chance after chance, for many years and now we see this on You Tube. He is in trouble with God and you should never support this man’s ministry.  What’s even worse, as shown in the photo above, he calls himself praying to God before the masses of television viewers.  Who is he really praying to?

Also, Kenneth Copeland is another so-called famous Christian.  He always can be seen casting out demons, preaching faith sermons for prosperity and good health and praying for people to be healed.   Like Robertson, this man has fooled a lot of people, but he cannot fool God.   Kenneth Copeland has made so many millions of dollars, he has built an empire in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas and passed it down to his daughter and her husband while he and his wife still call themselves ministering to the world.   If he does not get his act together, we may see God’s wrath come on him.  Photo on the right is the same caption from this following video you will see.  This man is actually preaching God’s Word while revealing his signal to Satan, an Illuminati hand sign.

Possibly, they both sold their souls to Satan because they were at one time in financial lack, but no excuse. They both have told millions of people who send them their hard earned tithes and offerings, their God shall supply all their needs according to His riches in glory, no excuse.  If you have been sending them money like to Bishop T. D. Jakes and Bishop Eddie Long, stop it now, before God’s wrath comes on you for supporting these Satanic ministries.

The reason it is so very important for us to give you this information is because on Mary K. Baxter video and audio (watch and listen), she revealed she witnessed big time preachers in hell, pleading with Jesus to let them out.

Someone recorded these preachers caught on tape, along with other famous politicians and celebrities, look here.

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