Should Pastor Paul Sheppard Allow His Affair to Stop His Ministry?

Last year, we heard about the unfortunate news regarding Pastor Paul Sheppard stepping down from his position.  We could not believe it, so we waited for his return.  Since then, people have been wondering if he did the right thing.  Really, it is only for God to answer.  However, this is our staff’s opinion of Pastor Paul Sheppard’s decision to turn away from his ministry, Abundant Life Christian Fellowship of Mountain View, California.

We give thumbs up to Pastor Paul Sheppard, not because he stepped down, but because he was man enough to apologize to his church congregation and publicly, to his wife.   Unlike Bishop Eddie Long, Pastor Sheppard did not lie or refrain from facing the situation of an adulterous affair.  Because he told the truth, we do not think he should have stepped down, because any man of God who is honest enough to apologize and admit he was wrong deserves to yet be the head of God’s House.  There’s not many men or women in the pulpit who will tell the truth, but instead they are self-righteous and will humiliate members in their church who have made a mistake of sexual immorality.

In this case ministers accepted Pastor Sheppard’s resignation, but in Bishop Long’s case, he had ministers outside of his ministry to stand behind him, very unfair; simply because, Bishop Long never admitted the truth while being unwilling to stepped down, not from his church but his corporation, which he admits he owns.

If you go to their website here, you will see that Pastor Sheppard and his wife, Meredith are one strong couple in God.  They are going forth to building a new ministry.   You see, when you face your mistakes, then it is okay to move on and forget, it is just wonderful!

We are praying for Pastor Sheppard and his wife, First Lady Meredith Sheppard.