Alleged Satanic Preacher of the Illuminati, Bishop T. D. Jakes

Bishop T. D. Jakes was once a small time preacher in the Apostolic church, but when he began taking the position as a pastor, then bishop, he started to want fame and fortune, it was not necessarily his focus to save souls for Jesus Christ, anymore.  Bishop T. D. Jakes and his wife Serita are living off of millions of dollars, because they sold their souls to Satan.  They are the representation of what was written in the book of Revelation, God said in the last days His house would become the church of Satan and unfortunately, many black preachers who got greedy for more wealth yearned to be like white preachers on national television and they discovered what they did to get more wealthy, they sold their soul to Satan.  On this video we discovered on You Tube, we see that Bishop T. D. Jakes has been bold enough to do a 666 A OK sign and the baphomet horn sign, in a 30 second span of time.

We want to forewarn all of you Christians who support his ministry that you could be tricked like all of those souls standing beneath him at the altar of The Potters House church, unaware of his deceit.   You need to become educated about the Illuminati, which has changed the church world.  Bishop T. D. Jakes is one among many other ministers who have made a point to reveal Illuminati hand signs as they preach.  If you study what is revealed on You Tube and what has been discovered by Professor Griff, a former member of the rap group, Public Enemy who speaks out against free masons, then you will learn that the church is no different than hardcore rappers out in the world who have sold their souls to the Devil.

Over a year ago, we heard in the news that Bishop T. D. Jakes home suspiciously caught fire.  Jakes home suspiciously bursting into flames is similar of what happened to Professor Griff who never was involved with the Illuminati, but publicly opposes the secret society.  Then, we have studied his church services and he has several body guards seen facing the congregation, as if they are prepared shield Bishop Jakes in case of a fatal situation, historically, this sort of service was never known in the black church nor in the entire body of Christ, but it is a clear sign that this bishop and his wife has entered into a dangerous lifestyle.  We also learned that Bishop T. D. Jakes and his wife are never in reach of their members and no one can ever see them as they enter or leave the building.   God’s sanctuary was never suppose to be an horrific place to worship.

When you watch this video, you will discover why famous black preachers are leaders of multicultural ministries, it is not so much that they desire to make peace among various races, but it is because they are dealing with the occult, which is common to many Europeans who gain their wealth that way.  Also, you will began to understand why the black entertainers are not coming to Christ, it is simply because they see ministers of the gospel worshiping while pretending to be different from them, they are Satan worshipers and they see they have gained their wealth and fame by joining the ranks as a members of the Illuminati.  Thirdly, you will discover why the black community is still confused and have no real leader to guide them into righteousness, which is simply because most black preachers of this era are trying to be like Bishop T. D. Jakes and get the sort of wealth he has sinfully gained; therefore, they refuse to preach righteousness and teach being set a part from the world, because they have joined politicians, celebrities and athletes and have been seen as acquaintances with them.  To preach holiness would offend their brothers and sisters of freemasons who worship the Devil and as you know, the Devil is not holy.

This video that reveals Bishop T. D. Jakes revealing he is a part of the secret society of the Illuminati, Free Mason was removed from the user on You Tube.  Sorry, for whatever reason the author of this video removed it out of fear and possibly being threatened by followers of Jakes, but one of our anonymous readers informed us she decided to just keep others who are involved as discreet Satanists, which is very bias and unfair.  However, we removed the link and gave you another source that reveals his association with the Satanic Illuminati, here.  Thanks for understanding and God bless.

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