Satanic Preacher of the Illuminati, Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth M. B. C.

Like Bishop T. D. Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long has been caught doing Illuminati hand signs, this is Satanism and it is not allowed in the body of Christ.   In the book of Revelation, it was revealed that in the last days Satan would take control of the church and he only has power to do so, because ministers who are false prophets like Bishop Long has sold their souls to Satan.  According to Mary K. Baxter’s testimony (listen or you can watch her on video), Jesus showed her hell for 30 nights and preachers who were once prosperous were sent there, because they did not preach the truth and took money from people who were in financial lack.   This is why we have decided to allow our journalists to report the truth regarding preachers who are a part of the Illuminati.  They appear to be righteous, but they are not properly representing Jesus Christ, if they are a part of a secret society, which many famous celebrities, politicians and athletes have joined and made sure they have revealed Illuminati signs in public.

If you are financially supporting these ministers like Bishop Eddie Long, one day you will give an account to God, because you have been forewarned of their wickedness.  Eddie Long, Joyce Meyers, T. D. Jakes or any minister or gospel artist like Kirk Franklin or Mary Mary who has been caught doing the Illuminati hand signs, you should not support them in any way or even listen to them, because they are Satanically influenced and have gained wealth the wrong way.

Now, you will discover why Bishop Eddie Long is a big supporter of hip-hop gospel.  Why?  Because he is no different than Jay-z, he is a part of the same secret society, the Illuminati.  This is why you have seen political officials at his church, he is a part of their society and so are hip-hop gospel artists who have misled the youth at his church.

What is even more scary, the mother of Byron Cage (popular gospel artist), Elder Cage has been a high ranking minister of his church since she left the Apostolic (same denomination Bishop T. D. Jakes came from) church back in the 1980’s.  Her son’s career has been supported by Bishop Eddie Long since he was a teenager, after they moved from Detroit, Michigan.

A lot of African Americans have been fooled into followed Bishop Eddie Long, because the daughter, Bernice King has always been seen in the pulpit, sitting right beside him; however, be very careful, King is familiar with what goes on in Long’s empire, because she is close friends with him and everything he preaches, she preaches, also.   King can be heard also quoting numerology references, exactly like Bishop Eddie Long.  Numerology is witchcraft and any so-call man or woman of God should not be involved with the occult.  Again, if you listen carefully to the mp3 audio of Mary K. Baxter, we have given you, you will hear how Jesus spoke with people in hell involved with the occult.  Therefore, if any minister is involved with the occult in any way or any Satanic rituals, they will regret it when they die, because reminds them in hell that they knew better and they did not preach or teach what He instructed in His Word.

A video on You Tube has been brought to our attention, which reveals Bishop Eddie Long doing an Illuminati sign, watch here.

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