Reformed Gay Pastor Donnie McClurkin Honored Gay Bishop Walter Hawkins

Pastor Donnie McClurkin claims to be a changed man, but how changed is he to honor Bishop Walter Hawkins?  Just because he was in the same music industry, did he have to make a point to honor a man who taught is okay to be gay? The reason why certain people like lesbian pastor, Bishop Yvette Flunder has not taken Pastor McClurkin serious, is probably because he mutually honored Bishop Walter Hawkins, not just a celebration of his life among other gospel artists, but on Trinity Broadcasting Network.  Pastor Donnie McClurkin had an interview with Bishop Walter Hawkins entire family to honor him and his ministry.  It is not possible to preach it is wrong to be gay and then, give honor to a man that was not only the head of a gay affirming ministry, but performed same-sex marriages.

It never was cute for the black church to be hypocritical in the eyes of God.  If Donnie McClurkin opposes gay ministries why did he come in unity to honor this homosexual bishop? When we evaluated the series of his TBN show with the Hawkins family, we found it very interesting to watch how he spoke with this family who have been known for many years to flaunt homosexuality.  Yes, more than Bishop Walter Hawkins was suspected of being gay in this family, Edwin and a few other siblings and their cousin, Shirley Miller who calls herself married to Bishop Yvette Flunder, allegedly.   There was no shame and if you lived in the Bay Area during the reign of this Bishop, you would have witnessed their pride of recruiting bi-curious people into their ministry, including the late drag queen Sylvester was a member of the Love Center Church (see our prior article about Hawkins here)  who Those within the gospel music industry like McClurkin have knowledge of who flaunts their openness of homosexuality, because for some reason gays and lesbians have always been the lifestyle of many gospel artists.

If Pastor Donnie McClurkin truly has been delivered and set free, he would be a better example of a reformed homosexual and let the world know he gives no honor to ministers or gospel artists like the late Bishop Walter Hawkins neither to his family.  It seems as though he has something in common with Bishop Yvette Flunder more than he realize.  Hawkins may have went out in style because of his recognition as a gospel composer, but my God, where is his soul, if he did not make it right with God.  He deceived many souls, many in the 1980s and early 90s died of AIDS in his church.  You would think after so many people died of AIDS (see here), especially in that particular era of the black church, people like McClurkin would want to do right.