Bishop James Dixon Proves Mega Ministries Are a Permanently Ceasing Trend

Our journalists were pushed by one of our subscribers to finally write about Bishop James Dixon, a prominent Houston pastor of several thousand members who was arrested earlier this year for domestic violence. (The reason we did not bring this issue before the public at first, is simply because we became over loaded with reports concerning ministers who were violating the ministry in some sort of way.) However, we are now bringing this matter regarding this big shot bishop in Harris, County of Houston Texas, because we thought it would be important to discuss the harm against his wife and mother of his children.  Tanisha, Bishop Dixon wife pressed charges.   When he took his children back to his estranged wife’s home, he picked her up and through her on the ground after pushing and shoving her into their home, which was witnessed by a neighbor.  Luckily, Bishop Dixon got out on a $50,000 bail.

Bishop James Dixon had been a well respected minister in the community for years.  He has earned his respect among the black community as usual when a popular ministry has violated his ministry, his flaws are being covered by his members.  However Bishop James is not known across the nation, but he is well known in North Houston, Texas.   Bishop James Dixon is a perfect example of what our journalists have been saying all along, this is just another sign Mega ministries are ceasing, because the church no longer exist to reach souls, but only to gain mega millions of dollars.  As we have mentioned before, in this recession there are no more mega millions to be made and people no longer have time to play around with their life, trusting a so-call man of God over their souls while they are trying to keep from being homeless.

We tried to go to his website here and it no longer exist.  Maybe, it will pop back up, if Bishop James Dixon’s wife will mutually remained married and obligated as his wife.

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