Nephew of Earl Paulk and GA Megachurch Pastor Comes Out of the Closet

Bishop Jim Swilley, pastor of a mega-church, Church in the Now (very modern name for a church) in Rockdale County, Georgia recently admitted he is gay and claims the gay youth who committed suicide, caused him to be honest about his sexuality.  Since he is the nephew of the late Bishop Earl Paulk, we doubt that he is so honest.  Our journalist sat around to evaluate this video and agreed that this pastor is just making an excuse to enjoy his lust with the same-sex.

According to this video, Bishop Swilley claims he confessed his feelings for men years ago with his ex-wife, Debye, but she told him they would deal with it and they married any way.  They claim they both hid his sexual attraction for the same-sex for 21 years.   That claim right there proves there might have been some agreement for an open marriage and it also says that Debye could be a woman who has fantasies about homosexual men, which is a nasty spirit among a lot of women in the church, which has been going on for years.  After a man tells a woman he has a sexual appetite for men, there should have been no response, “we’ll work through it.” Any real woman and we do mean real woman-of God would have not desired to be with a man who admitted his true feelings as a gay man.   Jim and Debye Swilley think that people are stupid, any fool would realize she saw big dollar bills as becoming Mrs. Swilley.   It seems like it was not just an open marriage, but it was also an arrangement.   Debye fell in love with Jim’s lucrative bank account that was millions of dollars through their vision of a mega church and they enjoyed every penny and this is why he says, she will remain co-pastor. Their mega church is a joint million dollar venture.

During his confession on video, Bishop Jim Swilley is not only arrogant in discussing his sexual preference, he also uses profanity in the house of God.    He even had the audacity to use any sort of excuse to make his confession of being a homosexual man look good.   He asks the black people in his congregation, “don’t you hate it when people ask you why do you feel that way, you’ve got black president, Obama in office?”, then he briefly brings up Bishop Long to make himself look like a saint, then he ask women, if they would like a man telling them they were faking their pain while in labor with their child, he just went on and on to justify for his feelings for men as a bishop and pastor.   He acted so considerate for the children who committed suicide, recently, which seemed fake.  He did not seem sincere, it seemed as though he was using their crisis as an excuse to come out of the closet as a homosexual.  In the midst of his lengthy show, he tells the church he knew he was gay since the age of four years old, pleeeze.   You do not know anything when you are that young, you only know if someone has violated you and that is something he may never admit, he just wants to make his claim known he was born gay. In the middle of expressing his feelings a  gay man, he suddenly tells people he and Debye’s personal discussion about his sexuality is none of anybody’s business.   How crazy is that, after telling everybody his business?

The fact that he throws out about African Americans reveals he is not only a homosexual, but he is also racist to use a racial example just to get an understanding without even caring about how his black members feel about his statement.

The video is about two or three hours long as he continues to act arrogant as his cousin and uncle, Donnie Earl Paulk sits with his wife in the front of the church.  Remember, Paulk is the son and nephew of the late Bishop Earl Paulk, a man that molested women in his church for several years.  There was so much spiritual perversion in Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, many members left during the continuous media exposing the church,  regarding Earl Paulk’s case, including the fact that Donnie turned out to be not just his son, but also his nephew through an incestuous affair with his sister in-law.  Therefore, this should tell you that this family has been cursed, allegedly. Bishop Jim Swilley not only looks a lot like the late Bishop Earl Paulk, he seems to have a similar unnatural spirit of lust in him.  The spirit of perversion in their family should be no surprise to you, because they seemed to be demonically influenced.

Jim Swilley proceeds to claim he had no choice to be in the ministry, because he was called nor did he have any choice to be a homosexual.   Lie, lie, lie and Swilley is a false prophet and Archbishop David Huskins is right when says he is not qualified to lead and we totally agree.  The Paulk family’s sexual behaviors looks real bad for today’s church.

Say bye bye to mega-churches, because his confession sure does not help the bank of accounts in this recession while many things are coming out of the closet of big shots of mega-churches.  It seems like today’s church is the place to discuss sex, not God.