Report COGIC Abuse Website Cracks Down On Pedophiles in Oldest Black Denomination

The Church of God in Christ is the oldest denomination among other various African American denominations.  COGIC as a lot of its officials liked to call it, was founded by the late Bishop Charles Mason, supposedly a praying man and one who was led by God while staying on his knees, teaching his followers to fast and pray without ceasing.   Dorinda Clark Cole allowed a child molester to follow her to the Soul Train Awards and this child molester was ordered not to be around children, this case is reported on Report COGIC Abuse.  We have not heard Dorinda publicly apologize to the mother or the victim for allowing this pedophile to be her choreographer.  Ryan Baker was seen in front of her sister and brother in-law’s church Greater Emmanuel Church of God in Christ, after he was reported on stage at the Soul Train Music Awards, having fun and dancing with children behind Dorinda Clark-Cole.  Go here now and see evidence of Baker as Dorinda Clark-Cole’s choreographer.  COGIC has many popular off-springs who were raised in the denomination, The Clark Sisters: Karen Clark Sheard who is married to a Bishop’s son and Pastor of Greater Emmanuel Church of God in Christ in Detroit (the Clark Sisters reached stardom under the leadership of their musically talented mother, the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark); The Hawkins Family (the late Bishop Walter Hawkins became a well known gospel artist along with his family and his church Love Center was popular for allowing same-sex partners and marrying them throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, many AIDS victims died in the early era of the epidemic);Judith Christi McAllister, the first lady of praise and worship: we did a report on the possibility of her knowing about her husband’s federal crime.  That’s just to name a few, but there are several other popular African Americans brought up in COGIC who may no longer be a part of the denomination.  One of our leading journalists discovered this website in the search engine, and brought it up in our round table discussion.   We found it to be quite interesting.

This website, is focused on making COGIC pastors who have been pedophiles known to America.   We did research and also found Pastor Daryl Foster’s website to be interesting.  Foster who is a reformed homosexual makes it known that COGIC ministers have not been right, because for some reason, there are many who are attracted to children, especially young boys.  His other website, Gay Watch Movement has been around for many years.

Observing Report COGIC Abuse, we wondered why the black community expects equality in America and overcome racial discrimination while Bishop Charles Blake, the head bishop of the Church of God in Christ ignores complaints of child molestation cases.  However, if you go to this website, you will discover that complaints were ignored when Bishop J.O. Patterson was in office and even when his son, Gilbert Earl Patterson won his entitlement as Bishop.  COGIC has been known to be a holy denomination from the very beginning when Bishop Mason preached holiness.  However, as these child molestation cases rise, year after year, it seems like COGIC is getting more unholy, as these the number of child molestation cases are high while COGIC officials seem to have allowed the stardom of the hip-hop gospel movement, which brings in a lot of sales for Dorinda Clark-Cole and Karen Clark Sheard and her daughter Kierra KiKi Sheard who share fame and recognition at the Soul Train music awards on an annual basis.  They try to maintain Bishop Mason’s teachings against homosexuality, but they have some well known pastors and bishops who are molestation young boys.  They have several cases that have been brought against them in the civil court and Bishop Charles Blake still ignores the concerns of parents who have been traumatized by watching their son’s confusion regarding their sexuality while many are dying of AIDS and some of these same young men grow up and marry while infecting women with the AIDS virus, it’s really scandalous.   Furthermore, many wives of these dignified pastors and bishops became infected with AIDS and yet, Bishop Charles Blake is line with other head bishops who ignored the crisis of COGIC ministers being pedophiles from many years back.   These pastors and bishops are never told to turn in their ordination licenses and step down from their positions, instead victims are mistreated when they make their sexual abuse known.

The Church of God in Christ is not only the oldest African American denomination of 6.5 million membership, it is one of the most wealthiest denominations.  However, we wonder would Bishop Charles Mason be pleased of these cases of pedophilia, since he was supposedly a righteous man of God?