New Birth Disgraced- Ex-Employee Sues for Harassment and Discrimination

It just never seems to stop, does it? Bishop Long and his grand empire and compound New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is under fire twice this week. There’s another lawsuit comes against the church rather than the big time money making Bishop Long. Well earlier this week  news circulated that Bishop Long and two others were being sued for a $1.9 million unpaid debt. Well, this time the church quarters are being sued. reported that former New Birth employee Tama Colson filed a lawsuit in a courthouse in Atlanta claiming that a male supervisor named Michael Ceaser showed her pictures of a ‘male sex organ’ on a cellphone. Colson states that when she complained she was harassed, demoted and eventually terminated from her job and the church. Here’s Michael Ceaser’s facebook page.

Specifically, Tama Colson and her family attended New Birth and was hired in 1998 “as an audio engineer and was eventually promoted to duplication manager, overseeing the reproduction of broadcasts of New Birth services”.

Back in October 2009, in the church’s television department, Ceaser showed the picture on his cellphone. She was ‘horrified’ and said to him, “what the hell is your problem”, but he only laughed and walked away. The suit also claims that this male supervisor had previous incidents with other female employees. The church was said to have known and did nothing to correct the problem.

Former employee Colson says in May this year she was told her department was to be under control of the t.v department where this Ceaser worked. She requested a transfer and also threatened to quit if she didn’t. Consequently a church elder encouraged her to stay but later she found out that Ceaser would be her boss. Thereafter, Ceaser tormented her by following her and staring into her office. When she complained, she was later demoted to secretary and eventually discharged.

Attorneys at NB have not responded expect that all the facts are not out as of yet. It been sounds like this woman had been dealing with this for sometime and was discharged this past June. Though people may think she is after money, it doesn’t appear to be the case. If she spent 12 years working at the church and stayed and endured all of this, then let go, anyone would sue. This seems to already had been in the works before Bishop Long’s scandal.

Time to stop playing church, CHURCH!! Bishop Long needs to step down NOW! This is a disgrace!!